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  1. It's been long since I have visited this forum. Just popped in to share some of my tracks here.. Mysterio Fm: Complexx: Absolute madness: Yö ja Päivä (Tom Wanks vs. Spyge_H) Hope you enjoy!
  2. Hello! It has been very long time since I have posted anything in this forum... Sorry, have been idle about making music. Here's a fresh tune I have just made. Some minor changes coming to this one when I have time to make music again. Peace!!!
  3. Here's some fresh material from Finland. Enjoy!! https://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-riseing
  4. Hello folks! I have created a 3 track ep totally free 2 listen. It's called Basstard Ep. As the name suggest it's concentrating into bass but iti's also deep and trippy. Take a listen and send a comment if you have some ideas or criticism! https://soundcloud.com/tomwanx/tom-wanks-chemical-warfare https://soundcloud.com/tomwanx/the-beast https://soundcloud.com/tomwanx/tom-wanks-this-1s-soul N-joy!
  5. New song released! This is a case of deep psychedelic techno / trance. Enjoy and please comment if you find annoying sounds or have a great idea for this because it's still under construction! https://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-frequencies-v-0-4
  6. More sounds to rub your ears & stomach @ soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-mysterio#play Comments are most welcome, please share if you like this!
  7. New sound ahead. This is something between psy and progressive, maybe some of you don't agree,, ther is some techno too... wierd song indeed ) http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-transition#play
  8. Here's a preview fron my side project, Yön Timo. Slow breaks vs. fast breaks with psychedelic and dreamy atmosphere. http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/y-n-timo-umpisolmu-preview#play
  9. ALBUM RELEASED! ------------------------- Tom Wanks - Soul Vaporizer. Free listen, remember to share!
  10. A taster from my upcoming album!! Haev a fun summer! http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-facts-of-life#play
  11. A little taster from the forthcoming Tom Wanks album. Chill out version (original 144 bpm). I just tried slowing this down some 20+ bpm's and it sounded so interesting I tought to share it with you. - Peace! http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-reality-bends-over#play
  12. Haha, yes... You can definitely edit tempo changes in Reason by now ).
  13. It could be that the speakers are damaged. Try pushing the bass elements in a little, do you hear / feel a "crunching" noise? Also check out your latency settings, if too low you can hear all kinds of popping noises, but if your last setup worked it might not be the problem. Try some other speakers and see if they make the same kind of noise. edit: aww.. Didn't read your post throughoutly. The problem is definitely in your speaker setup. amplifier, Ac converter of the amplifier or the speakers themselves.
  14. I'm working on an album project now. Out maybe early summer. It's going to be a free 2 download internet release or maybe cd rel. if anyone is interested helping me in pressing the cd's . So there's not going to be any new tracks on soundcloud for a while...
  15. Here's some funky psybreaks combined with techno and then some...
  16. Here's two more songs for you to listen: Psytrance to wake up your neighbours, some serious synth spanking: http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-the-releasing-2011#play This one is a "little" bit chillier song: http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/y-n-timo-hybrid#play
  17. Tom Wanks (2011) remix of Yön Timo's - Potentialix http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-potentialix-2011#play
  18. Thanks for the comment! Dark Goa remix was a part of my live set, I didn't need any long intros for it because it was only 55 minutes long :-). Here's a little bit different song for u all: http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-potentialixx#play
  19. New version of Dark Goa available for listen at: http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-dark-goa-2011-remix#play Comments? Go ahead and give me feedback, negative or positive :-)
  20. Remixed version of Elektromagnetic Fields available on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-elektromagnetic#play
  21. Here's some newly fresh remixed sound from my older stuff. Work still in progress, please give me some comments.
  22. All the songs I have uploaded on soundcloud.com & mikseri.net are released material, althought i'm now making remixes from the best of them, head to check my new set here is you live in Finland ): https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=209141155808630
  23. New stuff uploaded: A Psygressive trance song on my alias Yön Timo..
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