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  1. New track "Kova lääkitys" uploaded to Soundcloud & Mikseri.net Follow the links below to listen. http://www.mikseri.net/player/player.php?newsession=1&type=1&parameter=446012
  2. Hello again. Here's something new to listen: Tom Wanks - HappytimeZ. (Psy-trance / Full-on?) ... Euphoric synth lines and a hard hitting bass. http://www.mikseri.net/player/player.php?newsession=1&type=1&parameter=442847
  3. Happy, psychedelic and progressive trance song uploaded, check it out: http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-liquid-pool#play
  4. New song uploaded! This one is a happy one, hope it makes you happy too!!
  5. A new song in the line of releases: Tom Wanks - SpaceBeamZ. It's fast and semi dark psychedelic dance track with a techno flavour.
  6. Tom Wanks - Illegal.mp3 uploaded to soundcloud.com and mikseri.net! Njoy!
  7. New song uploaded to mikseri.net and soundcloud.com under the name Das kebab essen feat. cecilia
  8. New song "pikkujuusto" uploaded to mikseri.net and soundcloud.com. Check out the synthetic scratch!
  9. Here's some more Suomipsy, balancing between drive and tenderness. Enjoy!
  10. Jou check this out. It's Finland versus Goa @ 141bpm www.soundcloud.com/tomwanks/ www.mikseri.net/tomwanks/
  11. Thanks Cliff! It's always nice to hear good things! What you think about my new song? Ihme ja Kumma.mp3 you can DL it from SoundCloud.com or from Mikseri.net.
  12. New song uploaded! Available only at www.mikseri.net/tomwanks/ I'm celebrating my birthday @ 20022010 Cum & Drink with me!
  13. New song added. This one is an experimental rythmical psychedelic trance song. Tom Wanks - Fungus 320kbs www.soundcloud.com/tomwanks/ 160kbs www.mikseri.net/tomwanks/
  14. Jou! I uploaded a new song for download. This one is a little bit more chill out oriented song, somewhere between progressive chill out trance... Go check it out! 320kbs 160kbs www.mikseri.net/tomwanks
  15. You guys(and girls)! I have uploaded a new track for u to download. Here's some groovy and semi agressive psychedelic dancefloor action. tempo: 144bpm lenght: 07:40 320kbs: www.soundcloud.com/tomwanks/ 160kbs: www.mikseri.net/tomwanks/
  16. Thanks man! I'm gonna start posting all new tracks under this topic from now on.
  17. A 4/4 Dancefloor tune with a bite. stylistically somewhere between Psytrance & techno. Name: Mental Fundalist Tempo: 145bpm Lenght: 07:41 320kbs: www.soundcloud.com/tomwanks/ 160kbs: www.mikseri.net/tomwanks/
  18. Thanks for the comment! It is actually a little bit older track (about one year). I'm getting a few newer songs done so i be uploading more of my shit anytime soon..
  19. Psychedelic 4/4 progressive dance tune with a nice atmosphere. Name: Sirius Tempo 143bpm Duration: 10:17 download: http://www.mikseri.net/music/play.php?id=399898&type=dl
  20. Hi! This one is a little bit more on the darker side of my productions. Enjoy! Gaia (145bpm) www.mikseri.net/tomwanks/
  21. Hi guys! I have a new track @ www.mikseri.net/tomwanks/ for free download! This one is a little more sexperimental psy track. Download and comment me if you like it or not impossible.mp3 http://www.mikseri.net/music/play.php?id=394474&type=dl
  22. Thanks! Humppa is a traditional finnish folk music..
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