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  1. New material released; this one is still under construction, any critical comments are welcome!
  2. Here's some taste of my 2011 sound. Inspiration taken from Tom Cosm :-)
  3. Here's another one for u 2 listen. Suomi psytrance with a confrontation between happy and dark moods. http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/tom-wanks-dark-vs-light-2010#play
  4. Groove to this psychedelic drum and bass song with some four on the floor rave action!! http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-transfixation#play
  5. Heres a little darker psy trance song for free listen! Check it out and comment please :-)
  6. Thanks, here's a little bit older song devoted to terence mckenna. http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-kenna#play
  7. Here's more darker side of my productions. (Dark fin suomipsy).
  8. Thank you Rotwang :-). My goal has always been to create something different or at least mutated versions from my inspirations of other peoples music. Here's a 120bpm "Chill-out" tune freshly uploaded, only for listen, though. http://soundcloud.com/y-n-timo/y-n-timo-hypnoswinga#play
  9. New 2011 material uploaded. This one's as fresh as it gets ;-). Comments welcome!
  10. New track uploaded. This one is something between goa and full-on. Enjoy!
  11. I uploaded a little different mix today, it's totally old skool techno. Check it out if you are a technoist!
  12. Sorry, forgot to paste the link for you. enjoy listening.
  13. Oldskool set from me... aahee mixed today and slightly mastered though. This is one of my many alter egos, vakava.
  14. Heres a few more tracks for u to listen. perus suomi vaantoa semmoista tsaikedeelista ja omituista musiikkia, kuunnelkaa ihmeessa hei! ja tuo on sellanen chillimpi ja diipimpi naista tapauksista. There it was. Njoy.
  15. Also check out me and my friends new project: yön timo ja vitun päivänsede (Tom Wanks & Spyge-H) 1st. http://soundcloud.com/spyge/y-n-timo-vitun-p-iv-ns-de-mind#play 2nd http://soundcloud.com/spyge/y-n-timo-vitun-p-iv-ns-de#play AND ALSO my new project, it's kind of chill out trance.
  16. Jou, here's on from my alter ego :-) it's a demo please read my comment, it should start from there. Peace and love for u all readers and non readers.
  17. A new psytrance suomidelic song added: http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-mad-mans-dream#play
  18. Tom Wanks - Dark Age (Psytrance) Free listen AND free download, comments are welcome! http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-dark-age#play
  19. Again added a new track. Tom Wanks - DreamState.mp3 http://soundcloud.com/tomwanks/tom-wanks-dreamstate#play
  20. New psytrance song uploaded to mikseri.net and soundcloud.com, check it out!
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