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  1. Wow I remember this stuff. I think I liked the aesthetics more than the music, but there was some good stuff too! One of my all time favorites is U N I S O N.
  2. 1. Astral Projection - Still On Mars 2. MFG - Overload 3. Transwave - Trashish 4. Etnica - Trip Tonight 5. Total Eclipse - The Furnace 6. Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins 7. Koxbox - Searching For Psychoactive Herbs 8. Pleiadians - Seven Sisters 9. Shakta - Neuromancer 10. X-Dream - Irritant 11. Prana - idk?? 12. MWNN - Sugar Rush 13. Psychaos - Psychaos 14. GNOTR - Cor! 15. Infected Mushroom - bust a move 16. Electric Universe - online information 17. Chi-A.D. - sight of the sages 18. The Infinity Project - Telepathy 19. Cosmosis - interspatial meltdown 20. Oforia - special offer
  3. I am AmEriCaN!! LOVE GoaTrance! perchance is that the flaglist from oldschoolproject?? its a neat website
  4. oOoOhHhhh sounds super neat! thnx 4 sharing, mr. angry dwaf
  5. I also like video game soundtracks! They've made some really great music and can be be nostalgic also. I think some of the composers are actually classically trained musicians too, its way more than random beeping sounds.
  6. Well, it pretty good but different. They got rid of the chiptune sound which is fine with me. But the vocals are much tamer. Not as much of the insane screaming girl... But in the end I'm glad they went with something a little different. The only downside is there's less vocals which I think is a very important part of their music.
  7. Didn't they have a new track on a tip compilation, was it any good?? Magic Numbers was kinda lame (mostly the last track )... But they've done some great work in the past, I'd be interested to hear new cd anyway if they decide to.
  8. QuAcKtAsTiC bY cRaZy DuCks iS AwEsOmE MAD HOT YO! AlsO kiNg oF bAd TriPs from MaNdALaVaNdALz iS 100% GeNiuS
  9. At first it was kind of interesting but the gimmick gets old fast. It gets annoying like its music of a pokemon video game.
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