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  1. oh, my first time being pwnd finaly thx dude, now i feel a little bit more appreciated here
  2. this is the 3th thread you open about the same subject... look @ your previous thread... quite a big fan it seems i really hope you'll find him, he's worth it
  3. can't you mods make an exception for me? i almost have 100 posts here (do i really have to type so much shit till i reach 3000 ?? how fuckin elite is that...puh nobody reads me anyway because i still have so little posts, you'll never accept me in your little club here now anyways ) and i was banned here a while ago, so i did have more posts actually (another account) and i have a very cool reputation on this other psyforum, where i have 1000posts & a custom member title... so... what do you think ey?
  4. germany rules with their parties indeed, been there many times already the only 2 drawbacks about germany are the long distances and the corrupt ('show me the money') cops with their advanced drugtests :s
  5. http://www.kairoo.com/
  6. make sure you don't get the HD-25 SP ! you have 2 wires connected here to the headphone cups, instead of 1 and they véry easily get tangled up !! :s
  7. http://www.psychedelic.be/forum/showthread.php?t=27014
  8. Paint It Black (by 3 Steps Ahead) appears on the album Thunderdome Live at Mystery Land, the 4th of July 1998 ... hardcore... but hey, just change the bpm, bassline a bit & tweak the leads(or something ) , et voila ! most remixes rape the original !! leave a good track alone !! but , now & then, mostly seldom, there appears a remix that beats the original...
  9. i meant the technics cdplayers he gaetan -> 1300€ ...
  10. yeah, prolly cause the technics are even way more expensive than the cdj 1000 pioneers... :s
  11. wanna trade it for Astrix - eye to eye ?
  12. i'm sure you'll find it somewhere on the net... to refresh your memory a bit , a bit of what you must have seen and heard there (&if you'd b interested) here's a video i made & some pics : * ftp://ftp.psychedelic.be/psymovie/Tshitraka2005-byDMT.asf * Tshitraka 2005 pics
  13. word ! i'm going to send an email to Pioneer that they MUST add pitchbend buttons too on their next model !! on the cdj 300? let's hope btw : denons have pitchbend buttons ànd jogwheels...
  14. vinyl! sounds,feels,smells & looks better! it's more 'real' , it has more personality than a CD imo.
  15. 12" http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Vinyls/ibo/ibo1ep033.html(liquid soul) http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Vinyls/ibo/ibo1ep034.html(freq) http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Vinyls/tvr/tvr1ep002.html(greed vs sonic cube (&POTS rmx) http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Vinyls/flr/flr1ep902.html(antix) http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Vinyls/dig/dig1ep028.html(jaïa) http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Vinyls/opt/opt1ep004.html(soul pitcher)
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