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  1. This mix of mine is a bit old now and since there has been many dj mixes in the hard style at our server that time, I decided to make my new mix in the light and melodic style. It was recorded in the sunny morning of one of the very first spring days this year. I hope you enjoy Light Essence 3/2005, mp3, 68 MB, 160 kbps melodic morning psytrance Set: http://www.psytrance.cz/djsets/cymoon/cymo...ce_(dj_set).mp3 Cover: http://www.psytrance.cz/djsets/cymoon/cymo...sence_files.zip 1. INTELABEAM - In time out (Neurobiotic, VA Neo:robotics) 2. SKULPTOR VS SPECTRAL SKUNK - Anticlockwise (Mandala, VA Universe) 3. WIZZY NOISE - Liquid and solid (Liquid and solid, VA Alfa) 4. ALTOM VS SIRIUS ISNESS - Time to become conscious (Neurobiotic, VA Neo:robotics) 5. PROTOCULTURE - Silicon Sunrise (Nano, Refractions album) 6. BRAIN XL - Rodeo Driver (Dragonfly, VA Beaches and cream) 7. TIKAL - Aura (Neurobiotic, VA Neo:robotics) 8. TALAMASCA - A frenchman in Cape Town (Chill Cliff Remix) (Nano, VA Wind Up) 9. ANDROMÉDA - Hypnotic meeting rmx (Turbo Trance, VA Trance Scandinavian Express) 10. TRIPTYCH - Sunflowers (Turbo Trance, Lost Paradises album)
  2. cymoon

    V/A - Parsec

    my review originally written for www.psytrance.cz VA Parsec (Oxygen records 2005) Parsec is the second compilation from our czech label Oxygen records, compiled again by TV and of course focused on the morning trance. So if you are into this kind of music, let’s look closer to this release. The warm up track „Underwater“ is delivered by Braincell, who is noone else than Ralph from Rastaliens. Expect the rastas groovy fullon style with smooth melodies. Nice stuff for the beginning. After him, there is a collaboration between Aphid Moon and Protoculture. They made together a track called „Systematic Anomally“, fat driving bass shakes your ass, uplifting smooth and a bit dark melodies are touching you soul. This collaboration is worth listen for sure. The french project Ninja speed it up a bit with his „Show Time“ tune. Energetic psytrance full of melodic sound scapes, effected noises and sounds, sometimes being harder, sometimes uplifting, making a very nice track together. Hydraglyph from South Africa follow the similar mood, add more aggressive full on sound, a few acid lines, a strong synthetic stormy climax and a very good remix of „Aural Sex“ is born. Dancefloor attack. After the full-on explosion the compilation goes forward with a track „Freaky Mood“ from Freakulizer & dj Moodra. A bit more straight again, but not for long time. After a while the acid lines attack your mind, crashing goa melody makes you jump out of you sofa and after a short breakdown you go to the end of this. Setherian brings us again his progressive oriented psytrance, non-violent, uplifting, full of little darkish melodies and scapes. That’s his „Angelic Debris“ track. Soundfield from Israel are one of the most original artists of today and they prove it again with „No Roots“ track. A very original morning tune, a combination of classic goa sound and progressive housey beats and elements. Great stuff. You can also expect their full lenght album released next year at Oxygen records! Lucid Sound goes again the more monotone progressive side of thing, playing with tiny tones and sounds building a spacey atmospheric peak of his track „8.5 Light Minutes“. And at the end we have a chance to hear another track from portuguese act Spectra. They did not fall down and bring us a great morning tune, full of emotions, melodies celebrating the sunrise beauty. The second compilation from Oxygen is a nice realese, a bit more well-balanced in its sound than the first one, even maybe some tracks could merge a bit in your ears, but each tune is more or less worth listening. No mainstream kick-ass full-on, no cheesy stuff, a few great tracks and overall pleasant tracks for pleasant mornings at the dancefloor or at home as well. And there is not many compilations like this today, so maybe it is time to get your copy.
  3. indeed... this is a very very nice compilation, I really like it as well... esp. Kaleb, LBJ or Genki Vs Belmont tracks. I hope Exogenic Breaks will come up with more stuff like that
  4. Hujaboy - Sonic Tonic album Penta - Pentafiles album Megalopsy - The abstract machine album Grapes of Wrath vs Meteloids - Tits on fire album Kluster - Extended Oversized System album Kindzaza has an album, but personally I prefer the new stuff at compilations VA Psychedelically Yours series from Parvati records - all of them, they are 3 VA Hammering the gates of soul VA Mushy mystery everything can be found at psyshop.com
  5. Czechia http://forum.psytrance.cz
  6. someone should rename this topic to "what do you think about ketuh records" I still have a few copies of that Bioplex compilation with early gappeq and transdriver trax in a box under my bed. If anyone is interested in a copy, PM me... his new trax are definitely better, but it can be a nice item for someone's cd collection cover
  7. yep... gappeq sound is excellent.... he is living in australia now for couple of months studying sound ... in sydney I think. If someone is from this part of world, try to contact him. And if you take him to some party around, he'll be happy I think...
  8. Corvin Dalek represents a new music style called "wet & hard".... (well, his management developed it and all the stupid stories about wild sexy east european sound, he is originaly from hungary)....... it is some kind of progressive trance/house filled with voice samples from porn movies so everybody gets wet and hard at the party and they are doing it right at the dancefloor... I am not surprised what your wife did with the cd
  9. cymoon


    I hope you are stayin until next weekend, it is full of parties to choose from... have fun in prague... the spring is just coming in full power here!! come to cross club on wednesday
  10. check the dark psy poll http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=23558 there is a lot of answers for u anyway nice mistake in the topic name. "drak" means "dragon" in czech.... lets have a new subgenre: dragon trance
  11. cymoon


    he he he, I know how is travelling with several other people I havent been it this one myself. I have visited the one in Melnik which is also near Prague. They say there are bones of 10000-15000 people
  12. cymoon


    do you mean this one? it is in Kutna Hora http://www.kostnice.cz/ossuary.htm
  13. cymoon


    not much to say to krelms posts nice place to go for breaks/dnb/jungle is punto azul in kroftova street and the second tower could be Petrin tower (old iron) or Zizkov tower (new white)... definitely climb up some of them, it is so nice view from these points... you can walk from petrin tower to prague castle through a big park with amazing views on prague, the best are from the monastery garden between petrin and prague castle...
  14. if you want to attend kazantip party, get ready for big adventure in the east! I hope you are experienced traveller ... I havent been there myself, but a lot of my friend went there... some of almost every year it is not psytrance party only, there's a lot of music styles there, big main stage and some small soundsystems, at least 1-2 are psytrance oriented. They play psytrance at the main stage 1-2x per week it is getting too "commercial" lately, something like big techno dancefestival in europe, + soldiers with guns all around watching the people, but if you are a foreigner, they are not making much problems to u there used to be something like anti-kazantip free party nearby called Liquid Beach or other parties around... pictures from 2001: http://trance.techno.cz/clanek.php3?ret=pr&pos=21&id=134 2004 http://www.psychedelic.ru/party/z2004/index.shtml page about kazantip in english: http://www.kazantip.de/index.php?lng=en
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