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  1. cubase sx 3 and the sound editors are fine but you can try for first tuch reason 2.5-3:)
  2. heya nice sound but i think that the you should turn the volume down and i would like to know where i can get this nice sample of the spacial drums in the biginning of the track like jamaica drums
  3. heya yestarday i tested reason 3 beta their is alot of bugs to fix but its nice... soon to be released
  4. my friend try to search in google for samples or buy it
  5. first step....1) take the pencil tool and paint one bar then double click on this bar and write few notes... thats the way you write your notes (in FL you right each note in other layer here you can write all ur song in unlimited number of paterns/bars) this is the first tip and for real u should read the getting started pdf it will help you for sure good luck...
  6. heya nice track i really liked the tempo drop(when its get slower) really nice fill i liked it but i think that ur track is too short you should make it like 6 min or somthing like that... and i think that its kind of boring in the end of the track so u should keep it warm great job
  7. VB-1 it's a basic vst that comes with cubase... and yes its really good bass but i dont like to use this one... only in hip hop stuff ....
  8. for cool psy bass in novation bass station load the "release bass" and jost tern off the release and it will be nice sound for psytrance
  9. yes i've tied intakt (NI) and its not helping me i use to make some mixing bitwine two tracks with automix mp3 that was fun but not proffesional....
  10. for realistic bassline try "Novation Bass Station" i always use this one... you can controll all the parameters (edit automations) simple with high qualety
  11. hey i never tried to make remix to other songs and now i got some acapella and i wanna make remix of my own but i got little problem.... i dont know how to match the vocals in the right tempo fir my mix... i know one way that i can transfer the key of the vocals and the tempo in "acid pro5" but when i put it with the music its not match ... im using cubase sx 2 i know that thier is time streach tools but im not getting good resolts.... someone please help me ...
  12. I bought p4 3.0ghz amd 64bit and im sorry but i very disappointed the windows xp 64 bit got lots of bags and its not suport all the programs and it make alot of troubles and if you wanna get the best results you should work with it in windows xp64bit.... any way i think its still too soon to buy thoes new computers... now im using my old puter p.4 2.4ghz 756mb of ram with ESI-PRO WaveTerminal 192X with cubase and reason in rewire moad if i get more then 20 midi channels so my puters crashing down and im not talking about audio channels.... now im working on new project and my puter cant deal with it im thinking to buy mac ------------------------------------- what do you think about it???*** ------------------------------------- i know that its hard to find and match the programs to work under mac but i know that cubase working under mac and i alredy got lots of vst(rats) and my sound editor and the soundcard suport mac so its kind of good thing to buy mac...
  13. heya! battery is nice collection of drums (3dvd cds) but the drums are for rock music he is looking for trance music... try to make your own kicks and sound with vstsynths or with audio editors you can find kick tutorial in infected mushroom's website.... if you looking for good psytrance sounds you can try novation v-station or vanguard from refx good electric sounds... i hope its help you
  14. hello about the mixing process(mastering) thier is nothing better then jost sit few hours and jost try to mix it over and over again . this is the only way to get good results. i had this problem befor and i asked alot about how to make my mastering process easer and faster and i asked some real proffesional studio owners and they all say the saime ... "its all about practice!" everyone got his own sound and thats the reason why you should try and work on your own mastering technics you can also read books in this topic (mastering books) it may help you... but dont give up ! you need to practice until you get your own spacial sound good luck
  15. any soundcard from esi(ego system inc) i got esi-wave terminal 192x
  16. heyaaaaaa! well reason cool program i use it for a wahil the sound was nice and soft but i dont think that reason is proffesional because you cant controll all the paramaters i mean in the mastering proses this is not the real thing like in cobase... well im using reason in rewaire moad with cubase the bigest problem of reason is that its not suport vst by the way the latest album of prodigy was made with reason 2.5 ( as i heard) for bigginers reason is perffect but im sure after you'll learn reason and see what cubase can do you will say "way ! way ! way ! i spant all my money and my time on this softwar!" lol for real reason is simple softwar for music producion
  17. Hello fellows I wander who is the most wanted psytrance artist i want each one of you to write who is his favorite artist and write why he is the 'chosen one' so i'll be the ferst to say that 'Infected Mushroom' is my favorite artist and its not because im from israel ...:)hehehe its because their special SOUND ... i by myself making music and my ambition is to get such good SOUND as they have and they got pritty nice melodys that i liked too.... anyway i never heard such a talent guys in this ganer
  18. Heya1! great mastering you definatly got talent nice sound (not so pro in my opinion) you should work on your beats (groove) it is too monotonic(always the same) you should change it from time to time .... about the bass line the same you should keep ur track worm i mean change it all the time ... and i really like the part the you make it all like 3rd note this is cool i like this kind of parts any way good work almost perfect mastering keep doing music its importent!!!!! well Good luck with ur music
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