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  1. Hey everybody Im Daffy i live in sweden, age 29 , from the age of 14-18 i was a longhaired trashmetall hard rocking guitarist , in a way im still a rocker hehe but i found the sweet vibes of goatrance and got hooked for life , i love to travel and love to make music , mostly psytrance , but some chill and experimental music to , in november 2004 i became a father of a sweet beutiful daughter, and right now im having a cold one so Cheers everybody
  2. i cant understand why some even bother to answear whit meaningless shit like this heheh cheers bro just kidding ...the thing is if u want fast and cool help usually forums help but the truth is that some asholes never sleep guess who !!send me an personal messeg and il give you some tricks over a beer bro cheers , i will be glad to help you .... and fuck tha presets hehe rulez is for pussys
  3. ahh true true true but its sad , but thanx my friend for the possitive vibes you bring , i feel better, the sun shines through the dark clouds and the tribe connects again cheers
  4. yo mr bunny that sound so familiar hmm "mutation it is the key to our evolution , and in a way its true hehe
  5. sometimes evolution sux what do you think of that the goa/psy parties has evoluted in ways of fancy clothing and eyeballing each other just like a fashion contest it almost feels like the clothes is more importent then the music , im sick of it for me the parties stand for great artist and music ,fun lovin people, freedom and an open mind and just havin super duper fun , why why why , by the way i live in sweden and mean especially the parties here , is it the same everywhere or what ???
  6. what do u guys think about Nativeinstruments Battery 2 is it a good one for drums ??
  7. hey there i really need some fater drums for my psytrance tracks the drums sound weak any suggestions i use cubase ps i have been using only reason for 2 years , and will advance to cubase now so im super fresh in cubase stuff , im pretty tired of reason and do not want to rewire coz im using a laptop and a edirol pcr 30 , want all the power only for cubase , all tips and tricks are warmly welcomed
  8. There're just a few good tracks....but these tracks witch are good are really good!!!!! But for only 99 kr on Ginza.se it's worth it. 6 out of 10.
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