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  1. SAeON

    Zybex - Surreal Energy

    IMHO the track titles are half the quality of the track.
  2. I like this, especially Don't Disturb The Snake, Enhanced Disclosure and Time Tunnel.
  3. http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/FOR%20YOU%20NOVACRON.bmp
  4. The Dreamer and Feelings are two of the best tracks i've heard! :posford:
  5. It's great that you ask, something that many people are afraid of! And by the way; I want to know too Maybe start a thread about it? On topic: Some very good songs but some not so good tracks on this album. I REALLY like Back to Earth, Gateway Eight and Lunar Effect! The worst track is maybe Zanchin IMHO. Its just too boring Still great album though! :clapping:
  6. A Delicate Mystery is my favourite track. I like the aggressive yet soft feeling of the track. But Kingdom of the Blind is awesome too.
  7. It sounds as if you state that you can say that one can tell others if music is bad or good. It all lies in the listeners hands to decide whether he likes it or not. There is nothing as bad or good music that applies to everyone as with everything else here in the world. A good review in the sense you are talking would rather be a scientific study which calculates the average perception of the quality of a specific album from all humans in the world. Then you could talk you just did. On topic: I really like this album! I would give this 9/10! Exactly my type: mystic melodies, hypnotic, warm and round kick drum; perfect to relax and dance to! I just realized that Muinomednap Pandemonium backwards. Didn't think about that.
  8. Yeah, I really think that the whole album is so good. Most of the tracks are uninspiring and boring. But Afgin has something that the others don't have; feeling. btw: What's cheesy with Waves of Love?
  9. Afgin - Waves of Love is GREAT! :clapping:
  10. Afgin - Light Up The Darkness is a masterpiece imo :posford:
  11. Afgin - Light Up The Darkness :posford: First post btw. Hi, everyone!
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