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  1. Nice review & a great album Badbury rings is a mind blowing musical journey very psychedelic IMO
  2. each to his own exactly for this last release from entheogenic, show's a huge maturity form this much loved duo IMO & after listening to it now for a few months.. it still carries a huge emotional context :clapping: Which means it probably deserves a much more mature listening crowd & NOT for young kids who can't even afford to buy a copy :wank: I also personally think this is even better than the 1st album - though nothing comes close to spontaneous illumination ! Favourites: 1,2,3,5,6,7
  3. really want to hear this album - lots of good stuff written about it already :posford:
  4. I wish someone will re-release this album again soooon... i wrote to USR but no official date or anything
  5. Try: http://www.electronicmusicmall.com/Html/reviews.htm :clapping:
  6. from their website, seems that they are due to re-release the album from the label USR as a double CD remix concept !!! could be interesting.. :clapping: no date mentioned though
  7. Look forward to hearing this in the full
  8. sounds cool - shame no pics..
  9. microcondian just keeps blowing my mind
  10. haven't heard this yet... must give it a listen soon ! sounds interesting
  11. some really amusing ideas on this record much to enjoy - though the last track does not do much justice.. 7/10
  12. yes.. many different styles in this album ! but not sure what category you would fit this in ? people mention lounge ? maybe a couple of tracks, but as an album.. it contains far more than lounge - it had us all stomping away the other night :posford:
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