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  1. omg this album is beautiful
  2. Ozrics are one of my top 5 favorite bands, EVER.. i'm so happy to know they exist that long, have so many albums.... their music is like a river.. wish i can say that for Shpongle, one of my top 5 also.... my favorite one is The Hidden Step
  3. i can't believe you really believe this guy, or girl, or whoever, is Simon fake people - i hate you
  4. wow, i like Etnoscope, just found & listen their Drums from the dawn of time.. never heard about them before thank you so much i'll check for the other artists you recommend when i find some free time t-n-x
  5. looking for some good tribal trance sound/artists... new, old, doesn't metter, just not commercial tnx
  6. I think it is safe to say that it was the last shpongle studio album. this always sounds so f...... sad
  7. yea, i know, my favourite ones from Risotto are Kitten Moon and Amp... but this one [Absurd for Sin City OST] is somehow, with more energy, more tribal.... it's so much better than original
  8. Fluke - ABSURD Sin City [sOUNDTRACK] King kong, in cannes, on a date with spiderman, dan dare's sitting there, scared by the killerteddy bears, down town, mini mouse is slippin micky's in the famous grouse, while big bird spreads the word, anybody with a heart votes love... anybody with a heart votes love..... anybody with a heart votes love....... anybody with a heart votes love.......... judge dredd, found dead, face down in snoopy's bed, outside, tweetie pie's, getting itchy on more supplies, meanwhile, snow white getting ready for work tonight, turning tricks with crystal tips, trying to make the best of its absurd. puppy dogs and pussy cats in suspect suicide attacks, captain kirk from planet earth, fights it out with papa smurf, some phony little ponies, preying on the old and lonely, making friends, robbing them, the x men taught them everything. betty boop, tired of life, took vows, became a bride of christ, while tin tin's been playing him at caesar's palace live on ice, babar kumbayahs with the mighty morphin' movie stars, as big bird spreads the word, anybody with a heart votes love... anybody with a heart votes love..... anybody with a heart votes love....... anybody with a heart votes love..........
  9. i've heard the samples from saikosounds, and i don't know.. i don't know what to think.. it's a bit confused... i have to give it a chance, i have to hear whole album, complete.....
  10. wow, can't wait to hear this...
  11. i don't understand how someone who makes such beautiful music can be so rude... however, welcome to the forum OTT, if you got your copy of Fallen Angel, would be nice to drop couple of words of your expression..... love & light
  12. i think she should stop writing about such private things on internet...
  13. nahhh, so sorry to read this... i love Michele, she puts strong emotions in her music wish her the best of luck regarding this unpleasant event
  14. i just stopped by to see what's mean "HI MY TODAY MAKE SONG"
  15. Deep Forest, definitely, they're amazing... one of my favourite bands Entheogenic, yea, i agree Solitudes... they have beautiful piano themes that contains audio clips of the ambient sounds of the rainforest [birds, animals, waterfalls...] and many many more
  16. hahh, Christ... "Shango"... also try to find "Labyrinth", the whole album is fuckin' amazing.. especially "Navras", used for Matrix Revolutions soundtrack, one of the most powerful tracks i've ever heard
  17. mmm, i love Juno... my favourite psy freak.... after Simon, of course
  18. finaly, it's totally ridiculous comparing human beings with gods becouse there's a divine creature sleep in every human... you just need to wake it up by yourself.... and Simon is one of those who knows how to do it..... we're all gods, but not such gods as they teach us about
  19. nope i don't idealize anybody or anything [i don't believe in idols], i just have no problem with expression of how i love somebody or something.. or somebody's work, or somebody's anything... you can use words to express your feelings, but also you can paint it
  20. i'm afraid no... i mean, you can use it as avatar, but Simon's staying there tnx, btw
  21. my latest artwork... he's a God of Shpongleland..... schnitzl'd into outer Shponglia if you wanna see a bigger version - klick the picture
  22. Behind Closed Eyelids Divine Moments of Truth Dorset Perception Around the World in a Tea Daze Outer Shpongolia Schnitzl'd in the Negev
  23. hehh, i love that part of the album also... unique journey through the music/Shpongle 3
  24. Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible Juno Reactor - Labyrinth Ozric Tentacles - The Hidden Step
  25. Simon is a twisted romantic, just like Neil Gaiman... i wonder if he ever read Sandman
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