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  1. W@rh3ad was awesome. I like the concept. That heavy drones and the triplets are killer. It's good to see some sensible experimentation out there. BUT you seriously need to clean up the lo-end of the track. After you've done that. PLEASE send me a master
  2. Dude. Machu Pichu ROCKS On my playlist this weekend. I love the bassline - very out of the ordinary. The hats are nice and clattery as well esp with the rev edits. Nice goan style lines. What did you produce this on? John.
  3. Hey dudes, Here's an update! I've sent the track in for mastering! Here it is now for download - just for the psynews community! Click here to download: LIBRA - PROXY METATRON (MASTERED 320 PROMO) I've gotten a few PMs, and thanks for all the awesome comments. The original unmastered was downloaded 1456 times from my server. I'm really grateful for all the support Keep that feedback coming in! AND WHERE ARE THE KILLERPSY GUYS?! I want to be the first Malaysian to play at a Russian party John http://virb.com/proxymetatron
  4. Thanks for the comments guys! I really appreciate it. I've sent the track out to mastering! When it's ready, I'll let you guys know BOOM! John.
  5. UPDATE! THE MASTER IS NOW AVAILABLE - Read my post below for the download link! Thanks for all the feedback! So far downloaded 1400++ times --------- Hey dudes, This one is for the 150+ and the 160+ DJs and Producers. You guys are really inspiring. Furious, Cosmo, Select Project, Zero Blade, Xxipz, Far East Ghost. These guys are awesome. 'Libra' is a fast, pumping, and spiraling track filled with bizarre breaks, precision micro-edits, and a banging kick-track. It uses a few distorted samples taken from a particular Malaysian politician who's been swindling my government money. How's that for drama? I've played this at 160+ (Which is my preferred speed) but I've bounced it down to 155BPMs so it's a little more accessible. Click here to download: LIBRA - PROXY METATRON (PROMO) I've encoded it at 192kbps. If anyone wants a 320 or a wav, just drop me an email (jk at foundationkl dot org) and I'll pass you the URL. I've got no problems sharing I'm really interested in working with other 160+ producers. So if you're cruising by this post, drop me an email and give me some feedback please! =Production Notes= Macbook 120 1GB M-Audio Quattro Ableton Live 7 + Sampler Surge Vanguard SonicBirth Pluggo / MaxMSP John http://virb.com/proxymetatron
  6. This is excellent I was really surprised! Thanks for releasing this. Def on my playlist this weekend. BoooOoom.
  7. Send to mastering and release it! I want
  8. One of the founders of FoundationKL.org, thesuperglo, is one of our finest psytrance DJs. Check out our psytrance mixes here : http://www.foundationkl.org/category/mixes/psygoa/ But seriously, we could do with more participating artists. We give out FTP sites for free to support these kinds of undergrounders. Send them our way and ENJOY THE MUSIC! BOOM!
  9. Hey Tatsu, tell us what you think ok. I've got tonnes of people keeping an eye on this post for feedback! Dude, it was awesome Safe to say it was the first outdoor psydoof in Malaysia! If you are ever in Malaysia or Singapore - make sure you get in touch with us. That goes to ALL of you!
  10. YEAHHHHH!!! Sick Mix Fred. I love the crazy drops 3/4 through the mix. Excellent tracklist! Especially for Pincode and Whirligig. Rawking. Cream India is STILL my fave mix so far though Also, if your looking for hosting. We'd be more than happy to help you host your files on FKL - just check out the link below. BOOM!
  11. skylander: Volume 1 was an awesome VA. Volume 2 is filled with even more intensity. Definitely a great representation of some really impressive speed/chaos/nightmare producers out there who are working very hard to fill up the 160+ niche with quality productions. But the best part is that although very hard and very fast - the production styles are very clear and distinct (like Xxipz's Cow and Chicken and Positive Positions Duck you mf Animal) Really up there with Furious and Cosmo's Akustical Pollution album. Well done on a great compilation that's gonna be getting some serious play in the next few months! :posford:
  12. Or *gasp* Skazi. Thanks for this - very nice stuff! Just started listening! And Derango rock! Gonna see them in Nepal in October
  13. On New Year’s Eve 2007 / 2008, a motley group of hippies, semi-hippies, punks, geeks, and yuppies traveled up a hill to welcome in 2008, bid good riddance to a long and successful 2007, and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of FoundationKL.org There’s really very little say except that we had a killer international lineup of some of the best psytrance DJs across the region. We also collaborated with Om Project (Singapore) to put together an experience that noone would ever forget. If it took me a month to finally write about it, can you imagine what the hangover was like? Anyway, I hope the pictures can speak allot clearer than what I’m trying to type out and the mixes will take you back to a strange misty hilltop where we had one of the best parties ever and marks the beginning of a long-standing alliance between Om Project and FoundationKL.org BOOM SHANKAR! OVER 8 HOURS WORTH OF MIXES! :posford: :posford: :posford: Foundationkl.org presents: Night Sets Part 1 - N-stomp N-stomp, one of the valiant coordinators of the Om Project plays a hard and aggressive sound bordering on the goan and the organic. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 'Night Part 1 - N-stomp' (Right-click -> Save as) Part 2 - thesuperglo FKL's very own psytrance on-staff DJ, thesuperglo, puts us on a full on ride that's headed towards the outer atmosphere. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 'Night Part 2 - thesuperglo' (Right-click -> Save as) Part 3 - DJ Moudy DJ Moudy from Lebanon plays a stomping set with an up-driving sonic assault as he takes us past midnight. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 'Night Part 3 - DJ Moudy' (Right-click -> Save as) Part 4 - Space Bass (Live PA) Space Bass brings us on a melodic full-on journey with some Live PA. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 'Night Part 4 - Space Bass' (Right-click -> Save as) Morning Sets Part 1 - DJ 3hm French ultra-underground psytrance DJ 3hm drops some killer psychedelics that border on the dark, fierce, and brooding. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 'Morning Part 1 - DJ 3hm' (Right-click -> Save as) Part 2 - Morning Star Morning Star from Singapore closes the EPIC party with an unforgettable mix that will leave the highlands quaking for another year! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 'Morning Part 2 - Morning Star' (Right-click -> Save as) Halcyon, one of the organizers of the Om Project also has a mix up on FKL. Elysium Dreams
  14. Looks like I can't play. I use a mac. And most of the synthedit-based VSTs are Windows only ... Oh well.
  15. Yo D. We don't even need the VSTs. Lets just use all samples and the built in effects and all that wonderful hex wizardry
  16. BOOM! You're DEFINITELY going to see me there!
  17. How about we just go totally sample based and no VSTS (for now) just use all the built in FX. I don't think all of us are on the same platform. I for one track out of a mac! Ok - Who's gonna start?
  18. Renoise. And Milkytracker (for Chipsound and Ican'tbebotheredtooadupallmyVSTs) They rock
  19. Hey dudes Another Renoise Tracker over here. Would love to be involved! I just droped Ableton / Reason / Logic to for Renoise and so far its been the most rewarding sequencer I have used - brings me back to the FT2 days Any one of you produce dark / goa? Can I puleaaasee see someones XRNS file for sequencing tips
  20. Whatsup from Malaysia! Would love get some feedback on my new mix for 2008 Hope everyone's year is going good. Got some lovely favorites in here (Sattwa!!!) BOOM! Title: Phytoplankton Erotica Date Mixed: January 18th 2008 Style: Dark, Pumping Darkpsy BPM Range: 145bpm gradual float to 150bpm Length: 1:11:45 Format:192 kbps; =Tracklist= Metropoli - Psylocke (Intro) Nuhman Meuman - Paranoize 3000 - Dejan Psyko Vector - Sattwa Vart Enda In I...? - TAS Barbambia Kirgudu - Witch vs StrezZ Mental Distortion - ZenMind Destroy Your Mind - Assembler Firewall 2002 (Breath Rmx) - Rinkadink Symbols and Numbers - Metallaxis 3eround (Bombax Remix) - Jigsaw La Revolusion - CPC vs Lost Eden Industrial Radiation - N3xu5 Frogs On The Wall - Wizard Lizard vs Highko Afegan Test - N3xu5 The Carousel Broke Down - Orca Vs. Illegal Machines Are We What We Eat? - Cannibal Barbecue Paranoic Behaviour - Orestis Micronour - N3xu5 Super Song - Zirkin (Outro) Dhammacakka - Unknown DOWNLOAD LINK: Phytoplankton Erotica (Promo Jan 2008) kepala.bakar http://myspace.com/johnkuan http://foundationkl.org
  21. Hi guys, I've been getting allot of rumors that GS this year has been CANCELED - mainly cos the municipal government decided that they didn't want that kinda of party happening in their neighborhood. Can someone confirm this? Also - if you were are GS - and want to help get GS back onto schedule, mail this dude : Mr Siwa Sirisoawaluk Krabi Governer Office Krabi City Hall Uttarakit Road, Muang, Krabi 81000 Thailand HELP SAVE GREENSPIRIT! Tell him how much you want GS to happen and what a great time it was last year! PLS HELP!!!
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