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  1. Great trade. Friendly, superb package, good condition. Well, this was perfect. Thank you StraydoG.
  2. Go, go, Goo-Gooey! Golly!

    Arbitrators have been sent to sabotage the sentinel armoire of rhapsodic oligarchs.

    Hear ye! Lest ye be deputized a lilliputian!

  3. I just checked on Wiki. You mean they were not actual singers? Héhé Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. IM are now 4? Who are those 2 other guys? Supporting singers?
  5. Héhé you're probably right, LuBu used to sell his stuff with a photo, and the CDs were displayed exactly the same way. Anyway, I can't really see all the albums in the photo, so...
  6. Well, I can't really see what you're selling from the first link. And the second link has a problem. So And do you sell your stuff as a whole or is it possible to get things separately?
  7. OMG TecktonikPsy, that's a good one I'm waiting for a ClassicalGoaFunk And remember, NHJO doesn't play the synth, the synth adapts its sounds to NHJO...
  8. It's cool that you participate, but you know that your vote won't be counted, right? Anyway, you can start thinking about 2008's vote.
  9. Great video! Care to share the tracklist? I recognised Taygeta and Hallucinogen, but not the rest... And big at the wasted guys at 2:40!
  10. LOL funniest request I've seen so far But here, have this: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=52869 BTW I think the real question we should ask ourselves is who is this sweet lady dancing in the front of the stage... hummmmmmm?
  11. Oh, I think there was a misunderstanding. I meant that he joined for the creation of the album, not the group. Fortunately enough I think I know some basics in Goa
  12. Officially it's after Astral Files if I'm not mistaking but apparently (don't remember from where I read it) he was heavily involved in TiT. But perhaps I'm talking bullcrap...
  13. To be honest, from the Dancing Galaxy and Another World sound, not to speak about more recent stuff, it seems like it was Yaniv Haviv the mastermind... But that's just my taste... As for Koxbox in U-Turn the tracks where Ian joined were the best of the album IMO so it seems that he is quite needed. And as for Serge well... it seems like he is quite the mastermind, judging from the inlay he did the most work for Delta Aquarids, and this album freaking roxx0r. But look at Transmissions of JR. All the super stellar tracks were a collaboration with Stephane. And also Feel The Universe and perhaps more. So perhaps Total Eclipse was more than Serge and a true collaboration of masters after all...
  14. Lol second time I see somebody forgets to put the link As for the tracks I have no idea but you should PM Anoebis himself, I'm sure he'll be glad to help you. And don't hesitate to tell us what it is, I'm curious myself.
  15. Rhythmystec - Cathexis http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=44490
  16. I don't know midi miliz but Age Of Aquarius is f*cking great. Technoid Goa Morning Minimal Darkish EDIT: only thing is this is not recent. But who cares when it rocks?
  17. WTF???!!! Weird! Mine was working and now it isn't...
  18. Yes, I don't understand why suddenly there are many track IDs topic... And people who create them think we're some kind of telepathists. How are we suppose to identify a track with only "aaaaaaa"? We can't read minds and we don't have the melody...
  19. From what I understood it should be Merrow, Filteria and then perhaps Afgin.
  20. Snowflake is amazing. More asymmetric stuff plz
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