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  1. I went to Goa a couple of times in the early 2000s and two cd albums that caught my attention because they were just everywhere for sale were MFG "The Prophecy" and Rastaliens "Freestyle". No other cds were as available as those two in Anjuna. I guess that someone, probably slightly obsessive and with good taste, just copied tons of each. This might be relevant because Goa, especially early on, crosses over with techno, trance, acid etc and has been seen as fluffy or cheesy. Just one example in the form of a question to make the point: was Technossomy a Platipus band or a Goa outfit? For every hands in the air Goa anthem, there is a darker minor part of the track, or another darker track, or another outfit making more introverted sounds. Darkness has been part of Goa from the beginning is what I'm saying. This is inevitable with a Dionysian cultural movement, because every euphoria has its come down or shadow. In the Shiva trance dance you have to navigate the darkest hour before the dawn when you are tired and the music is at its most intense. Moreover, as Magus so rightly observes, how could a space-themed style not be full of the infinite darkness between the stars? Whilst "The Prophecy" is not dark exactly, its main theme is ominous and MFG's industrial roots come through in the music. Rastaliens always lurked in the shadows. Goa in the 2000s was not the Goa of the late nineties, but I think the point still stands. What I like about this is that like any good art form Goa has its salt and pepper, its light and dark. It makes sense that we'd be more attuned to the dark side now, given the darker times in which we are currently living. Do we see more eco-apocalypse, conspiracy, horror, and so on, in contemporary trance? But forget all that, in the true spirit of darkness there can only be one dark lord: X E N O M O R P H muaaaahhhhahahahaha
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  2. Nice collection, I'm going to use this list for some myself. From the modern era (My favourite Era) I have a few comps I would add, I noticed you don't have many 'cosmic neogoa' releases and might not like the style. But I have a few comps that opened the style up to me listed All from Global Sect below 'VA - 2017 - Terraformer' 'VA - 2018 - Shambhala' 'VA - 2020 - Globalsect Radio' These are all on the cosmic side, Terraformer has had some people not like it at first, but as you listen more you start to get a really good appreciation of the cosmic style. It's one of my favourite compilations. Might as well pick up the last of the Cronomi Comps 'VA - 2013 - If I wasn't Human I'd Be a Trance Track' And the rest Essentials 'VA - 2013 - Tribal Encore' 'VA - 2013 - The Kingdom' 'VA - 2016 - Svermirski Hod' 'VA - 2017 - Goa Trance Legacy by DJ Psara' 'VA - 2018 - Goa Trance Legacy by Kanc Cover' - Underated but essential 'VA - 2019 - GOAGILDE [Norway's Got Goatrance]' - Another one of my top 3 modern comps, awesome looking physical release too. 'VA - 2019 - ZNA Gathering Retro Futuristic Compilation II' 'VA - 2020 - Rootless' - Similar to the Suntrip Carpe Noctum release (A touch better imo) 'VA - 2021 - MystikA' - (Similar to the Suntrip Gamma Draconis Release) Noteworthy 'VA - 2013 - Voyager: First Plateau' 'VA - 2017 - 604 Syndroms' - Goa Trance that could be played in a nightclub 'VA - 2017 - Fluorotronik' 'VA - 2018 - Call Of Goa v3 - New Horizons' 'VA - 2018 - Elan Vital' - A few of the biggest baddest tracks on this one (Listen to the Proxeeus and Adam Shiva tracks
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  3. Lot's of goodies, I like the rather seamless blend from classics to the modern eras. Only old school essentials I can spot that you're missing are the compilations from Trust In Trance Records, such as the Israel's Psychedelic Trance, Goa Vibes and Psychedelic Vibes series. Those are killers IMO, the colorful artworks on those alone are very uplifting eyecandy. And Goa Head, Tantrance and some more Destination Goa (I only see one). Although there obviously is a lot of overlap between those. I would also add some stuff from HOM-Mega Productions. The early IsrAliens and FullOn compilations perhaps, if you like that flavour. Also the original Swedish Sun Trip compilations from the 90s: https://www.discogs.com/release/129404-Various-Sun-Trip-Goes-Fourth I would just start chronologically and work my way through this collection, one CD or a couple per day perhaps. Reflect some, compare, repeat the process. Having the benefit of hindsight to observe the evolution of this genre is a nice one indeed. A good combo obviously is to read some books at the same time.
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