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    Hell yeah, how many websites in the world can claim to have 20 years of existence ? For those who are new here and sdon't know how it all started, just have a look here: Psynews (goatrance.free.fr at the time) was meant to replace the defunct Third Eye UK , and it turned out to be much more than that. This community, a lot of real-life friendships and initiatives like Suntrip Records. I talked with the Psynews creator, @Children a few days ago, he's good, his kids are teenagers...maybe you'll hear about him soon
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    No psychdlc sprbst, pls dont put it on YT. We asked for it not to be on yt and spotify (Aztronaut will release a special mix of it on his yt-page with a video kind of working as a booklet cause we could not afford booklet on the actual physical version). ....if you have no money no honey and you want the physical, we can send you one for exchange of a review by you. If you do not want physical you can get a DL code for digital version in whatever formats you prefer whenever where ever (yaar, Bandcamp). *Why i went in here to read i donno. Your compliment is strong. We thank you:) __ https://goaconstrictor.com/audio/theGoaConstrictor-202040.mp3 ^ Strong intro ___
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