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    I think it's time to present you with my latest Kickstarter project. Elysium - Live...And Beyond As always 4 Cds in an 8-panel digipack never released before on physical media. I think you all know Kristian and his contribution to the Goa scene. Have a read as an introduction if you want or scroll all the way down for the tracklist. "I don't usually give a perfect score to releases, but this...this is an exemption. A perfect album by Elysium. All tracks have the distinct Elysium sound but still sound very modern, they are clearly Goa but sound fresh, they sound familiar but they are not a mere rework. And to top it up...they are free to download. For all the record labels managers promoting the new sound of Goa, these tracks deserve a proper (cd) release. Add a couple unreleased tracks and make it a double. Hell, I might even start a kickstarter for that. 10/10 " Thanos P. May 2015 on Discogs Admittedly, not the most well written review but it just goes to show the way I felt just after listening for the first time Elysium's Live versions of his classic tracks. And although he was the first to put the first seed of what is now Digital Reprints 4 years ago, it took 8 releases and 7 Kickstarter projects to find his place (with your help) in my music library. Coming from the golden age of Goa Trance he managed to establish his own distinct sound with his very first release, Project One in 1994. Rather slow (for Goa Trance standards) tempo, hypnotic melodies and tribal rhythms made him one of the names that come to mind when you try to explain to someone what Goa is about. His collaborations with Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Jean Borelli, Paul Jackson and Graham Wood left us with some stormy classics. In 2010 he decided to give for free (with his rest of discography) the live versions of his tracks that he used at his performances. These are not mere retouched versions, but fully fledged out, standing on their own tracks that never forget their roots. And these tracks are why I am asking your support to print on physical media so as not to be lost in an obscure digital cloud in the distant future. The project will be limited to 100 copies worldwide. 10 of those copies will be signed by Kristian and all of them will be hand-numbered. 4 CDs in an 8-panel digipack with a slipcase. The first 2 CDs will be his live versions, the 3rd will be a collection of side projects and tunes, including some unreleased material. And the 4th disc will be a compilation of downtempo tracks to chill you out, introducing his most recent alter ego, Stereo Dwarf, released for the first time. And as always you will be able to add it on your Bandcamp collection, you don't want to wear out that little shiny disc, do you? The people that have backed me up on my previous project know what they are getting. The rest, well...just check their comments on my Bandcamp or Discogs profile and you'll know you wont be disappointed. Bandcamp Discogs I don't really like too many words, in my projects music does the talking and so far has worked quite well, don't you think? Turn your volume up, press play and dance like no one is watching. Tracklist (Order subject to change - Bandcamp link to follow soon) CD 1 - Live Part I 01 Elysium - Interpretation Of Dreams (Live Version) 02 Elysium - Elysium (Live Version) 03 Elysium - Trancelestial Psychobabas (Live Version) 04 Elysium - Keep It Cool (Live Version) 05 Elysium - Wild Dance On Naked Feet (Live Version) 06 Elysium - Ethnolastic (Live Version) 07 Elysium - Subconsiousness (Live Version) 08 Elysium - Dust (Live Version) CD 2 - Live Part II 01 Elysium - Aliens (Live Remix) 02 Kailash - Mystery Brain (Live Remix) 03 Elysium - Monzoon (Live Version) 04 Sheyba - Monkeys (Live Remix) 05 Undercover - Mission 1 (Live Remix) 06 Kaaya - Braindance (Live Remix) 07 Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest (Live Remix) 08 Sheyba - Trance Africa Express (Elysium's Back To The Roots Remix) CD 3 - ...And Beyond 01 Ege Bam Yasi - Sponge (Elysium Remix) 02 Elysium - Sleepwalk 03 Rigor Mortis - La Sirena (Elysium Remix) 04 Elysium - Deep Blue Sea 05 Spiritual - Ride The Snake (Elysium Remix) 06 ManMadeMan - Desire (Elysium Remix) 07 Elysium - Electromagnetic 08 Elysium - Jupiter (Original Mix) CD 4 - Downtempo 01 Stereo Dwarf - In Orbit 02 Wombatmusic - World Of Science 03 Stereo Dwarf - Northern Lights 04 Elysium - Free 05 Stereo Dwarf - Deep Within 06 Stereo Dwarf - F.R.B.121102 07 Elysium - Sunshine Song 08 YouShine - You Shine (Original Mix)
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    Artist: Deedrah Title: Self Oscillation Label: Distance Date: September, 1997 1. Self Oscillation 2. Blissful Blonde 3. Essential 4. Japonicus Delphinus 5. The Wizard Demo 6. Christiana High Life 7. Funkybootik 8. Alien Dick 9. Warheads 10. Lion Blue? "Let me take you on a trip." This is the debut album from Frédéric Holyszewski aka, Dado. I found this an interesting album. There are several genres represented here and I liked how he mixed it up oftentimes in the same track. The big beat in Blissful Blonde thunders underneath stuttering chopped up strings. I wish the strings in the short Essential had a more prominent role, but the rolling goa line fills the need nicely. The acid lines in Japonicus are tasty indeed and while I used to like the awkwardness of The Wizard Demo now it's just collective noise. I'm guessing Christiana High Life is a nod towards the Danish "Freetown" where you can sell and buy weed legally. There are some nice goa leads, but also a cheesy commercial melody in there as well. Still liked it. Think of it as peeing in his neighbors pool. Funkybootik. I just wanted to write that again. Welcome to gangster goa! Dusting of the 808 and the 303 he gets things hopping. Hmmm...808+303= 1111. Yep, binary tells me it's definitely on. If goa could have a darkpsy it would be Alien Dick. By the time he gets to War Head I think he was just f*cking around and said that sounds good. Lion Blue is the closer and while it has an ominous sound with a thumping beat and dark searching alien elements, there isn't a whole lot going on. But again, in the right mood, it's easy to like. Reading some of the earlier reviews, man there was some hate thrown at this. I never understood how people can get so upset at music. If you don't like it, don't listen. I do it so that I may educate and entertain. This isn't an essential piece of goa history, but there are some good tracks here that refuse to be pigeon-holed into one type of goa. 1997 was apparently a very creative time for goa trance and experimentation. And that's what he's got going for him with Self Oscillation. It's fun and obviously doesn't take itself too seriously. Mdk
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