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Veasna - Providence (Goa Madness Records)


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Artist: Veasna
Title: Providence
Label: Goa Madness Records
Release date: November 15 2023

1.Seed 10:09
2.Void 08:41
3.Marbles 08:09
4.Glade 08:51
5.Loom 07:56
6.Miraculix: Search & Destroy (Remix) 09:37
7.Shriek 07:27
8.Morphic Resonance: Bad Dreamer (Remix) 09:32
9.Karma 07:36

Veasna, aka Patrick Dinklage, already released 2 full albums on Neogoa: Energy and Spectral Flux. Still have to find the time to carefully listen to those two, but this third installment makes Veasna one of the great. I couldn't resist writing a positive review about this release.

The music is the kind that you don't hear at the start or end of a party, but right in the middle of the night. Just when everyone is in his/her own zone. Dark, badass and hypnotic. Pure 100% goa.
The mighty 10 min opener Seed sets the atmosphere for the rest of the album. Slowly building into a hypnotic monster of a track. Everything is so natural and organic, it's beautiful. Void is a gem. Deep, dark and so psychedelic. This instantly catapults me to 4AM at any goa party. Goosebumps! A showcase of trackbuilding and story telling. The magnificent Marbles continues in this atmosphere with a punchy basskick. Synths and acid are more prominent here than in Void. Glade is again more similar to Void, a perfect balance between spiralling sounds and deep bass. The acid undertone in Loom is spooky at the beginning, but the track majestically unfolds into a goa stomper no one can resist. Deep stuff right here. Search and Destroy adds more haunting synths. Shriek builds upon a chunky and crunching bassline and shoots acid. Bad Dreamer continues to push you deep into the night with almost an industrial feel to it. Glorious. Morphic Resonance's aggression is still palpable here with an overload of screeching synths. Very well done. The journey ends with the slightly less intense Karma, tunnel-vision like stuff. One that slowly builds, a bit of a mind cracker because of the non-standard bassline. But wow, it does build! And gracefully ends.

Providence is a dense pack of serious goa music that goes deep into the soul. Veasna has a story to tell here.
The dark overall touch, the heavy bass machinery and psychedelic spirals make this a unique experience.

A proper tribute to night time goa.
My winner for 2023 and maybe for many years to come.


Buy on bandcamp: https://goamadnessrecordsofficial.bandcamp.com/album/providence




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