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Apsara 2023 - 2020 Tickets questions and other stuff


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Tickets for Apsara 2023 are for sale since yesterday.  I'll probably buy mine the coming days.
Dimension 5 has been announced already and it's one of the projects I'm eager to catch.


Is there any provision for the people that donated their tickets afrer 2020's cancellation? I donated 2 and I'm pretty sure @Stafaan (member of this board) also donated his. 
It has been stated on FB that a discount wasn't possible but I guess some other token of apreciation could be offered.
~90 eur (I think that's around how much the ticket cost in 2020) isn't a huge amount but it's not insignificant either.

Anyway, that's my question.

As for the fest: I have a traumatic experience at that location from 2014 SUN fest, when it was raining heavily for a big part of the fest and I had problems with my car because of the mud. I hope the weather is better this time.
The location is convenient and it has hosted much bigger fests in the past so I'm confident the organisation of the fest will be straightforward and without problems. 

I'll fly to Budapest a few days before the fest and do some touristy stuff (like I usually do with fest). Ryanair has cheap plane tickets from many Euro destinations.


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Yes, I donated my ticket. I haven't herd anything about it, so I don't know. Oh, that thunderstorm. I remember it. I also hope we will have better weather this year. =))

Steptime/Spindrift, Dreamweaver, Celestial Intelligence, Texas Faggott, MFG, Dimension 5, Hypnoxock, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Mindfield and Journey Into Sound.

That's the line up so far. I've already got my ticket and really looking forward to the festival. Last time in 2018 was great and the line up for the cancelled one in 2020 was great. I belive this edition will be the same. =))

Travel plans I have to do a bit later. I just took a week of in march too go snowmobiling in the mountains here in Sweden. =)) So the festival I do after that, and I'm a little bit tempted to go to Surya Spirits Festival in may. Maybe that's doable. But Apsara yes, I don't want to miss that.



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Hello guys!

The ticket thing, well... We explained in 2020 we would be grateful if people would donate and make the depth less (we ended with "only" 16000 depth) because of it. Unfortunately, since then, we are a totally new organisation. Some left the goa scene, some had kids and only me and Chris are still on board. So its not the same guys, a different country... So on paper its 2 different things and in reality, it would not be fair to let the new guys "pay" for the depths of the past. So we started from scratch...

As for the location, we will make all as good as possible. I dont think anyone ever thought of a Suntrip event as non professional, and we want to keep it like that hehe 😛
Of course we cant control the weather but 2014 was rare, I have been 2 times on a festival there and for an occasional shower it was always great :) 

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