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Penzoline in the mix


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I'll be posting whatever sets I make in this thread. The first one isn't really psytrance, but the next one will be, so I'll reserve a slot on this section anyway. :P I'm a total noob so not all transitions are smooth.

First one is inspired by Anjunadeep explorations that I attended this year. Mostly deep house and chill house. I'll guarantee you a melodic journey back to the warmth of last summer.


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I'd call this my best goa mix so far. Mostly new tracks post-2020 to give you guys and idea what to expect form the current goa landscape. Starting off with a couple of creatively fun tracks toward more serious stuff. Prepare to be surprised. This is a good mix for those who are out of the loop. :P

Astrogano - Borderline
Hypnoxock - Spaguetization
Celestial Intelligence - Phantom Dancer
Artifact303 - Unidentified
Nebula Meltdown - Bending Space (2021 Warp Drive Mix)
Triquetra - A Large Cup Of Chaos, Please
InnerZone - Sea of Tranquility
Ephedra - Acid Headache
Moon Beasts - Demon Star
Ephedra - Right to the Soul
TAO & NAGA - Spirit Bomb
Midiotz - Folie a deux


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