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Andromeda - Amiga


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Artist: Andromeda
Title: Amiga
Label: Classic Goa Trax
Date: March, 2021

1. Lifeform
2. Impact
3. Coma
4. Amiga
5. Ask No Questions
6. Aurora
7. Crystal Kingdoms
8. Noc Samobójców

Just when you think that the goa labels have mined all the jewels from the massive trance mountains along comes Suntrip's digital only label with a true gem from the goa hotspot of Poland. This is Przemyslaw Tkaczyk and don't let the lack of vowels fool you. The gentleman is hitting all the right notes from track one. Twisted 303's swirl and percolate with high intensity. Coma is a sinister mood and Ask No Questions has a blistering climax.  The whole thing is a powerful foray into rhythm and melody.

The only downsides for me was  the downtempo "ish" closer. Not my bag, but that is just personal preference.

The sound is crystal clear mastered by Kobi Harosh who has been working with this label as of late. Great job by all involved.


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Clean artwork and nice fonts, I like it. B) I remember his old tracks beeing kind of ”underground” hits on youtube and probably old sites like mp3.com or similar. Very well liked by many Goa heads for sure. He did some collab or remix work with Artha I think? I need to take a listen to this!

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