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Narcolepsy (Aka. Nystagmus..) - .... in places doing things EP (KERDiG011, Kali Earth Records)

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Yo Yo :D 

It's been nearly a YEAR since the last KER-release Balder EP by Aion, so Push play and LoL if you will: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/in-places-doing-things-ep --> promotext: 

"And now for something, completely different... KER's head was and is a big fan of the Canadian Psychedelic Trance Artist NYSTAGMUS by Matte Gillard and his infamouse epic classical album "The Immaculate Perception", and went music hunting in his UNRLSD music archive where the Head of KER found something that resembled gold. An EP by his Narcolepsy project from 2006, and more!! The 'more' will be presented over the next few weeks on Kali Earth Records, so stay tuned to discover more unreleased material by the talented Mr. Matte Danger Gillard ^_^"

Hope you like! 

This feels like a left fielder fo'sho! :wub:

*KER-bear hug



+ worldwide on all shops & streaming services from the 21st of August 2021. 

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