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V/A - Collective Intelligence


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Sonic Loom

01. Muscaria & Malice In Wonderland - Black Lotus  06:32
02. Polyplexer - Let It Flow  08:02
03. Dark Elf - Veta Madre  06:59
04. Yann - Voyager II  06:25
05. Simia & Leso - Swamp Meeting  08:36
06. Thos Grol - The Magician's Hat  06:41
07. Antonymous & Biophotons - Uncertainty Principle  07:22
08. Tromo - Labyrinth of Madness  07:24
09. Algorithium & Ektomorph - Unplugged  08:49
10. Biohacker - Fantasy Corner  06:32

What you can expect through this compilation is powerful rhythms together with dark, blissful and strident sounds, electric and intense atmospheres. Of course if you are into forest, you will be curious to go through this experience, and while this compilation is loaded with all the goodness necessary to please the most experienced forest fans, I want to emphasize the fact that it is particularly dark and energetic. You will not hear a lot of melodies or breakdowns, these ingredients that usually work well on dark psychedelic trance are rare, but we have spooky pads as a nice substitute. It is a matter of taste, I reckon this type of music is very effective for underground parties. I also want to praise:

  • Veta Madre by Dark Elf, a mysterious gem of the genre
  • Voyager II by Yann, a very hypnotic and trippy number, more ethereal than the rest
  • Uncertainty Principle by Antonymous & Biophotons, a very creative track reaching high proportions of psychedelia
  • Unplugged by Algorithium & Ektomorph, same as above basically :-) a great intense and spooky track. 

Not to sound cliché but if you are into Derango, Ajja (Tulpa album), Dohm or Shivattva, just get this release now :-) this is brilliant underground food for the brain. Favorite tracks: #2, #3, #4, #7, #9. 

Rating: 8.5/10.
Listen / buy: https://sonicloom.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-collective-intelligence 

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