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Xamanist - Unity EP [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

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My new EP "Unity" is out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion!

"The Origin" is a driven psychedelic ride, jumping from dimension to dimension, in a quest for the origin of everything. Featuring the amazing Jiddu Krishnamurti with it's intense presence and enlightened words.

"Unite" is a powerful track, carries the energy of a revolution! Inspired by this ever relevant speech from Charles Chaplin, it breaks ground until it reaches its final melodies of union & strength.

"Unity" on Beatport

"Unity" on SoundCloud

Enjoy these 2 dancefloor blasters, reach for your favourite dance moves and unleash your raver spirit!

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The tracks got good quality, nice melodies, sophisticated content, and very much enjoyable to open air to. Personally I'm not super excited or generally keen on this kind of Prog. Full-on or what you wanna call it. But Xamanist is something to keep an ear towards :) I see you've been "specializing" on snack-pack EPs at varies labels in your latest years. All sweet coverarts to reflect the trance music inside. My friend and label client A1ON actually made a remix to a YSE track that you'd maybe get a kick out of playing. Wishing you blessings on your path, X!

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Hello my friend, thanks for listening and for your support!

Yes, I guess my music will always be in some sweet spot that I like, somewhere between prog, psychedelic/fullon and goa... Now nearer the prog side, but always with goa spirit and inspiration, at least in the melodies and personal motivation :)

The A1ON remix is very nice, evolving and creative, thanks for the link.

Thank you and all the best for you and for your label!

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