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Eguana - Invisible Civilization Vol. 2


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Artist: Eguana
Title: Invisible Civilization Vol. 2
Label: Cosmicleaf Records
Date: September, 2018

1. Deep Space
2. Birth of the Atom
3. Cleavage of Matter
4. Vacuum Gardens
5. Extraterrestrial Intelligence
6. Tentacles of Alien Organism
7. Internal Processes
8. Structure of the Invisible World
9. Beautiful Creatures

There is ambient and then there's...well, um...

"Dude, cmon...you're turn to do dishes."

If you're angry or upset about something and you're spiraling and don't know what to do, then I highly recommend two things.  First and most importantly seek the help you need.  There are people out there that specialize in whatever is causing you pain.  Second, begin listening to this extremely chill album.  It's slow motion underwater floating amidst bubbles and majestic sea creatures.  It's comatose observation of simple objects...for 72 hours.  Track times are utterly irrelevant as each one melts into the next, yet there is the thinnest of melody lifelines with which to grasp.  And you're gonna need it to come out the other side.  The first time I became aware of a kick drum was track 7.  

To be honest I don't know how he completed this album without hard scheduling to regular nap times.  So smooth and sublime.  Really enjoyed it.  When all that hardcore dance music has gotten to be a little bit out of control.  This is what I imagine the soundtrack to exploring the depths of the ocean would be.

Cosmicleaf Records Bandcamp

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Sorry for the OT, i didn't listen to that album myself, but if Eguana gets mentioned at Psynews i'd like to share some info about his goa and psy works. He was making a lot of stuff throughout the 2000s as Nord Project, mostly fluctuating bewteen melodic goa and full-on. Most of it is now available at Plexus bandcamp.


Not all of it has aged well, but the tracks like Vuala, Swamp of Sorrow, Shaman of the Black Fate Castle, White Wolf still sound great to me






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