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Artist: Symbolico
Title: Perceiving All|
Date: 20 March, 2020
Label: Self Release

1. Gaian Portal
2. Perceiving All
3. Tribal Future
4. I'm Free
5. Seeing Auras
6. Dreamy Face
7. The Answer
8. Who Are You
9. Out Of The Blue Heart

No one does it quite like Symbolico, if you haven’t heard Connectika then it’s well worth it to get an idea of exactly how good he is at looping, chopping, reversing and turning those sweet rhythms around. Love to feel percussion yea?

Or save yourself the listen and just listen to this one, it will give you the same clue as to what a little mix wizard this guy is.

Perceiving All is the kind of album that belongs in the cloudless sky of a bright beach somewhere. Briming with sunshiny vibes Perceiving All pulls off another Symbolico wobbly and broken dub special.

Psychedelia? Check

Rhythms? Check

Chopp’d n Screwed samples, spirals n’ beats? Check Check Check.

It’s a travesty that right now we can’t bounce around in a big pit on a spring day to this collection of jams.

Symbolico has added a more Reggaeton-esque dub feel to this album that goes just so well with Riesling and sunshine. It still has the weird groovy touch of a Symbolico album but with even more wild sections like the spirals in ‘The Answer’ and the laid back positive vibes of 'Perceiving All’ just to name two.

You got psychedelic bass for the lazy hammock and psychedelic bass for jumping around in the sand while pretending your arms are floating on sound. Symbolico’s last album left me feeling like I had heard something special and Perceiving All is no different.

Favourites: Tribal Future, The Answer, I'm Free



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Simply mesmerizing album and amazing artist, on of my current favourites in the psy / groovy chill domain, very creative and with a powerful positive energy.

His set in the Boom Festival 2018 Chillout Gardens was something else!

Great review, something special indeed.

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