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Artist: Imba
Artist: Liberation
Label: Mamomam Records
Date: Dec 5, 2019

1. Liberation
2. Imba & Hisia - Elysium Island (Imba Remix)
3. Imba & Lydia Del Ray - Dancefloor Stompers
4. Dimension 5 - Omega Centaurus (Imba 2019 Remix)


See what I mean? Am I here for me or for you?

I've always been a fan of Mamomam Records cover art & Liberation is no exception, warm tones and a softness that help you feel uplifted and safe. I've only heard Mamomam release rich detailed trance so far and expect this to be no different.


Imba managed to get his track with Ephedra at the start of the latest Goa Trance Legacy and this album is no different. Liberation gives us a smooth intro flipped into full power banger, the main lead floats around the top of the track while other elements come and go. The production is fantastic, every part of the track is distinctly enhanced and detailed. The shoutey man voice was a cool trick too. Overall a decent track with a little bit of cool everything.
Elysium island (Imba Remix) is a good track all the way through but becomes an Egyptian deity at the soft soothing mid break, i love that stuff, then bom shanka the 50mg of melody delivered directly to your amygdala starts to demand movement. All in all, an aptly named track.  

Dancefloor Stompers brings with it my favourite atmosphere and mood of the album. If 5g towers sent out waves that made people feel as good this track does we wouldn't have so many conspiracies. Is Dancefloor Stompers the antidote? The antibody that we need? It damn well is the track that had Tsotsi feeling good. Hot damn that mid break and that big, throbbing rod of energy bursting into the scene is just a treat. I can tell when Imba is having a good time with a track and this feels like one of those moments. 


Omega Centaurus by Dimension 5 Dimension 5 and remixed by Imba is of course a pretty exciting track title to see. Omega Centaurus without Imba is already ecstasy. Imba puts every detail in its rightful spot and digitizes it up a lil and when it ends it feels like it was all over to fast...Leaving you feeling empty, sick, dazed and alone. 


So alone.



But then you hit play and it's all muy biene again. 


This is a good little EP, it packs a punch. The word around town is that Imba has finished his studio, you can notice the difference in quality here. It's big thick bright trance that is right up Mamomam Records alley. It's a tragedy that Artists and Dj's aren't out there banging these records to crowds of wild humans. And it's a beautiful tragedy that so far we have only figured out how to connect as one people when we are faced with tragedy.

That's not from Goa trance's lack of trying but we aren't here for the politics.

Liberation EP is BitCHhiN'.


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I hate to be that guy (no I don't), but this Ep is not great.  It's good, but if the above reviewer found it, ahem...BitCHiN'  well then good for him.   It sounds a lot like most other goa trance produced these days.  4/4 time with a galloping bass line that isn't very deep.  He's been doing this a long time and you can tell his production has gotten better, but none of the tracks here made me want to hit the repeat button.  It filled my goa jones for a few seconds and then I was fiending again.  I found his album to be better, and I look forward to his next one.

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