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E-Mantra - Drifting

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Ensancha El Alma Records

01 - Your Journey Begins Now  7:05
02 - Fiat Lux (Live Version)  7:10
03 - Akashic (vs. Reasonandu)  6:21
04 - Petrichor  7:12
05 - Returning Home  6:45
06 - Sea Of Eternal Gloom  6:39
07 - Tale Of The Polar Drifter  7:17
08 - Long Siberian Night  6:06
09 - Farewell Philae  6:09
10 - Depth Of Nothingness  8:36

12th album by Emmanuel Carpus with his E-Mantra alias, the master of super psychedelic goa-trance but also prolific when it comes to downtempo and chill out trance. Five years after his last downtempo album Raining Lights (released on Altar Records), we are granted another relaxing journey. This album is chilly as it gets, yet combines slow trance with faster output in the second half of the album. 

From the opening track we are thrown right into the frosty melodies, sound drops, light and floating rhythm, a really perfect beginning, then confirmed in similar fashion with tracks #2 and #3.
If you like 4*4 beat tracks on a slow tempo, you can find such thing in this album, track #5 in particular (Returning Home) is a gem with a brilliant sense of poetry, ethereal and pleasant melodies, chiseled and lace-like sounds.
Track #6 Sea Of Eternal Gloom is a surprise as the track lies on a drum & bass structure, in this track you will hear the more characteristic psychedelic sounds from E-Mantra in a mellow atmosphere and it will also be the case with the two tracks that follow. 
With track #9 Farewell Philae we are back to the style of the beginning, if you have the opportunity to go for a walk around an icy lake during winter with this music in the background, I bet that would be a sweet experience. And our last track, Depth of Nothingness caught me by surprise again as it is a pure midtempo goa-trance composition with acid lines and the usual psychedelic vibes from E-Mantra, maybe the perfect transition to his next uptempo album? :-)

To sum up, this album has two sides: the very chill side and the more energetic vibes that come with it, whether you prefer one side or the other, all tracks are top quality without a doubt. Drifting is an album you can put on and then just lay down and drift to a cold land of fairies, where there is nothing but good things. Everything radiates floating energy and harmony.
A very good release to keep yourself relaxed for a while. Hope to hear something similar in the near future.

Rating: 8.5/10.
Listen / Buy: https://ensanchaelalma.bandcamp.com/album/e-mantra-drifting

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