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First question: commenting other videos n stuff

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So now that we have a channel, we are also an active entity on Youtube...
... we can like, comment and subscribe on other videos too.

Is that a good thing? How do you think about it? Is it cool for you when I or another admin / privileged member that has the credentials just surfs youtube and comments and likes / dislikes other stuff or should that not be?

Or should it strictly be psytrance related?

I'd like your 2 cents on that...

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Who has access to the channel? If it's you mods then I would say you guys should comment and like stuff. Maybe no shameless channel plugs on other video's but the occasional comment would help with exposure a little bit.

Just no drunk rants on DJ Electric Samurai's channel :P

I'm only saying this out loud so that I can hold myself to it. But I want to try and do album video reviews. I've tried before but hated the result. But I can get better. Is user generated content like that something y'all want or will the channel get to muddy without focused content?

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At the moment it's only me and if there's only little content it can even stay that way, but the "roadmap" that I see would enable access for other admins or mods - or maybe also very few other people we 100% trust -- i.e. people who certainly won't make drunk rants in our name ;) 

I also think it won't be bad doing a little commenting under the Psynews name - it can help in many ways, it signals exposure for certain projects that we are positive with or have an opinion about and it also gives us the possibility to be seen.

I will do casual or non-psy stuff always with my private account, so this won't get mixed up.


I think album video reviews would be cool ... why not? I practically think, that all things done "in the spirit of psy" (oh man, hippie-ish words :D ) would help us - and maybe also your exposure (stating the content creator in a video and including a link in description or even in the video or embed it in a corner is absolutely OK in my opinion). So if you feel you have something to enrich the psy world that is on the "video editing level" of that first interview, go for it :) 



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One great potential the youtube channel has, is that it could be used for album/compilation/ep reviews.

*edit* missed that RTP came with the same idea regarding album reviews.

I think it’s the most obvious thing to do, and also in the process promote the forum.

And promotional stuff like interviews with artists about the concepts and ideas behind the albums.

About the gear used, perhaps a studio tour.

If you guys do attend festivals and stuff, information about the festivals and artist/DJ interviews would be quality content.

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Hello - YES exactly! I'd love if we could do that with some artists aswell...

the member interviews will keep coming, but after a few months we will be through I guess :D 

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