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Psykovsky And Friends - Vserde Chkeleta

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01. Export Experts (produced together with Rawar)  07:46    
02. Astronomy Domine (produced together with Hyperekplexia featuring The Svara)  09:48    
03. Lose My Breath (produced together with Menterama featuring Euphorhea)  06:14    
04. Pzydeco (produced together with Marambá)  04:31    
05. Some Velvet Morning (featuring Tan Tan and The Svara)  03:15    
06. Solost Without You (produced together with Marambá)  06:42    
07. Beavis Bewussthead (produced together with KinDzaDza)  04:31    
08. Shinga Linga Ling (featuring Tan Tan, You The Rock, HentaicameraMan)  05:00    
09. Send Me An Angel (featuring Tan Tan)  04:54    
10. Everybody's Weird Except Me (featuring The Svara)  05:10    
11. One and One (featuring Tan Tan and The Svara)  06:28    
12. Always (featuring The Svara)  03:59


Compulsory Mechanical Licenses for cover songs acquired by Legacy Productions Inc. (LPL195958)

When you think of risk taking in the psytrance scene, Psykovsky immediately comes to mind. Intelligent chaotic fast paced psytrance is his forte. It's also one of the most difficult music to review, but I'll say I was confused and yet entertained! 

Export Experts starts rather simply if we consider the standards in this genre, but as you could expect this first impression is short living. Second half of the track offers many twists, the fast sounds keep floating on a dark haunting melody. 
Astronomy Domine is a crazy track (most are) that gets even more twisted in the last three minutes. Not sold (yet) on the vocals but enjoyed the unusual structure.  
Lose My Breathe has some robotic vocals that reminded me the X-dream Interface album. Pzydeco is a short and unusual track, it has a melody reminiscent of Union Jack (Fromage Frais), a soft track compared to the rest. 
Some Velvet Morning feels like futuristic pop music. This is the music martians like to listen to, right? :)
So lost Without You is going too far in the unconventional approach IMO. Beavis Bewussthead, collaboration with Kindzadza, has an addictive and hypnotic structure and it's a shame the track is under five minutes long.

Shinga Linga Ling is just bizarre but I am guessing it is a cover (as the Bandcamp quote above suggests), it has brilliant moments but the constant changes and the vocals make it a very strange experience, feel like it could be a grower though. 
Send Me An Angel is just like track #5, emotional and futuristic pop music, caught by surprised I am actually seduced by this... until I realize it's a song from legendary Scorpions! Now it makes sense. The vocals and the epic guitars, it's like floating in the universe with angels around you. The most emotional track of the album. However knowing it's a song from Scorpions (Klaus Meine has an epic voice), I feel almost guilty to enjoy this track but honestly it is a well produced cover. 

Everybody's Weird Except Me is full of vocals again but the brilliance of the previous track is missing, a track to forget for me. Next one is a lower tempo track with One and One which is originally a song by Polish singer Edyta Gorniak, later remade by Robert Miles. The original is great, and I would rather listen to the trancy Robert Miles version than this one here. 
Always is again a cover of a pop song (from Erasure, 1994), after One and One now the cheesiness is hard to swallow... In short it is an unconventional release, quite inconsistent. It feels like a concept album, Psykovsky chose to make psytrance covers (I cannot give my opinion on all as some of them are unknown to me) and the result is puzzling yet spectacular. I can hear the willingness to compose a tribute on what pop music would sound like in 100 years.

Anyway, love or hate you have to acknowledge the audacity of Psykovksy throughout the years, and once again with the help of other artists he creates that force that is out of the usual spectrum. One of the most unique artists in the scene. From my personal experience, 6.5/10 would be a fair rating. To listen / buy: https://psykovsky.bandcamp.com/album/vserde-chkeleta 

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dhollmusik    13

Good review.  Vasily is a top man!  Haven't got round to listening to this yet as I'm still full-on in back-to-the-future mode with old-school goa.  I happen to rate the Psykovsky trilogy of Tanetsveta, Na Ve Ka and Ksolntsu as among the finest music ever made...of any genre.  Also rated that way are other works like the final track of Na Budet (which astonishingly has over 2m hits on the youtubes), first 3 of Poslantsu, the soft-psy classic Only Love under the DeJa Vu name and many more dotted around his prolific discography.  In the edm-world, only Juno Reactor can boast a similar quantity of high-quality output.

That said, auto-tuned pop vocals aren't my thing, this album may not be for me.  But I respect any artist willing to go in different directions, to take musical risks and experiment, to delve into his passions and produce something unique from it.  Definitely will have an audience, maybe even more of an audience than the avant-garde psychedelic trance of previous albums.

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