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Jikooha ‎– Growth Of Psychedelics EP

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Matsuri digital, 2019.

1. Growth Of Psychedelics  8:14
2. Dreamer's Sad Alien  9:04

A short EP of only two tracks but a very good one for sure. Jikooha has a very special and recognizable sound. In the past this Japanese project loved to use distorted melodies, especially in Revolution Spaceship (2008) and Sirius Rising (2012). They also released Spacemen Underground quite recently (2017), it was more acid, and even though I liked the album I had so high expectations that it let me down a little bit.
My favorite from them is probably Sirius Rising because it is slower, deeper and focuses more on twisted melodies and psychedelic atmospheres. And this EP is in my opinion reminiscent of Sirius Rising: story-telling tracks, smooth kicklines to put most of the attention on the melodies and the acid. The result is particularly deep and trippy! Dreamer's Sad Alien is my favorite of the EP and one of my favorite tracks of the year so far!
Slower hypnotic and acidic Goa trance is not a style you hear often these days. It is a shame the EP is so short but if I have to give a fair rating, it's a solid 8.5/10.

Listen / Buy: https://matsuridigital-ad.bandcamp.com/album/growth-of-psychedelics-ep 

Also available on Youtube:



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