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Static Movement ‎– SiMiN

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Manuser    280

Sol Music - Feb 2019.

1 - Heart Beats
2 - Purple Rays (feat. Theona)
3 - The Gypsy Symphony (collaboration with Morten Granau, feat. Theona)
4 - Moments Of Thinking (collaboration with Vertex)
5 - Humanity
6 - Rage (collaboration with Zyce)
7 - Gemini (collaboration with One Function)
8 - The Legend (feat. Theona)
9 - Simin (feat. Theona) - Lyrics by Roshanak Ghahremaninia

Project from Ukraine, based in Nahariya, Israel. If you dig the melodic and dreamy progressive sound with a clear club approach, this album is for you.

I was not familiar with Static Movement, and for me SiMiN is a mixed bag. In my opinion, some tracks would do better without the vocals (starting from the second track). We often swim between seducing mellow trance and over the top cheese, but the moments of brilliance make the album worth listening. Sometimes the sound is reminiscent of Ovnimoon, definitely more clubbish and commercial sounding though. The production and mastering all along are crystal clear, the super clean sound is what stroke me the most.

I would like to comment on track 3 which is in my opinion a nice surprise, you cannot deny the effort and creativity put in this composition, it contains some piano and other instruments, key changes too, melodies one after another... positive and imaginative trance music! And this remains mostly the case until the end of the album.

The 4th track is sweet as well, still walking that fine line between progressive psytrance and club trance, no vocal this time just clean trance melodies all the way. The gem of this album for me.

Some uninteresting and generic moments (cliché bassline) towards the end. Cringy and cheesy at times but I will still recommend to give this album a try, it is often beautiful and more melodic and dreamy than most progressive trance I heard recently.

Rating: 7/10.

To stream 
To buy: https://www.beatport.com/chart/simin-2019/551723 

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Tsotsi    125

This is the perfect album for a big stadium show. 

The vocals would have all the hi heads in arms swaying. 

Will give it a proper go one day 

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