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Acid Destroyers is the new project between Ohm Mind (Belgium) and Laughing Space Devil (Switzerland), who are two producers of Goa Trance since many years.
This project began in 2016 in Switzerland before one of the parties at the famous Havanna Club in Altdorf.
They meet each other a lot to produce, as the first experiments resulted in already 1 hour of good music.

You can expect a lot of acid lines with some twisted trance melody and evil atmosphere.
They have released an EP on spacedock records with 3 tracks since the 15.05.


Tracklist :

1. Universal Language - 144BPM

2. Ohm Devil - 148BPM

3. Monsters And Mad Man


Stay tuned



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On 5/17/2019 at 6:30 AM, Tsotsi said:

Baah! I was wondering what you were up too. Saw this on Bandcamp 2 days ago and wondered where the promo was. I haven't listened yet but I'm super excited for some new Ohm Mind material.

Thanks to following my friend, hope you enjoy this new style?  I Will have new track from my solo project soon.


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