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Exelization - Beyond The Black Lodge

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Manuser    253


Ego Transplant   09:26    
Wolvencore   09:08    
Cryolysis   07:52    
The Flash   07:57    
Motor Warrior   07:20    
Gothika   11:00    
The Purple Forest   09:11

@Ormionfrom Greece is a well known member of this forum, a Goa/Psy-trance lover but also a die hard fan of the South African style of the 2000s, Twisted System, Shift and co.
I confess I never listened to Exelization's previous work but I was very excited to listen to this album. And without a doubt, the power of this release is undeniable. All those fast sounds, melodies and patterns on top of a rocking bassline and heavy kicks make this psy-trance very appealing. It isn't too predictable and the production is very sharp! 
I enjoy tracks #2 and #3 the most, but there is no weak track in my opinion. It has great energy for the dance-floors, I commented earlier that it could have been released on Timecode Records a decade ago, but I find the overall sound less noisy than the few albums I remember from Timecode. It is no coincidence that Beyond The Black Lodge was released on Timewarp since it still has some dark goa ingredients, though most of the music is simply characterized as night time psy-trance.

I was curious to listen to this release and I was not disappointed at all, and if you simply dig quality energetic well rounded psy-trance I can guarantee that you will not be either.
Rating: 7/10.

To buy: https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/exelization-beyond-the-black-lodge-lp-timewarp098-timewarp 


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Lightforce    52

@OrmionJust wanted to say that I took the time to listen this album and it's a new masterpiece of its kind for me. I loved your previous album and this one makes no exception. Goa and Twilight fits perfectly well. I saw some people say that it was a bit too repetitive for your previous album but I don't agree with that, I think it's perfect like that. I'm often listening to them since the first one and this one came out and I can't get enough. Your work remind me a lot Morphic Resonance style while being different enough. Great job mate ! :+1:

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