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New Nertum album

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Jaza    30

Don't have it in me to write a full review, nor have I listened to it enough, but everyone should know about this. A new album from Lyktum and Nerso.


About 12mnths ago Zen Mechanics (who seems a fair-tempered guy and has never had over-the-top hyperbole in his few social media promos) flagged this as "the closest thing we've had to a modern version of Pleiadians" (almost verbatim).
My interest was piqued. 

Well it's finally here and whilst it's a very different take on spacey trance than the goa legends, it's a slammer.

It's at this apex of:

  • Old-school influenced modern psytrance, lots of 303s and the odd spiral melody
  • Proper progressive space trance, albeit uptempo.
    Beautiful spacey vibes throughout, nice journeys throughout tracks, a genuine tranciness to even though they are dancefloor tracks
  • Modern 138ish prog psy, inc the super sharp production

It's funny... The modern psy prog sound has put me right off prog in recent years. Slowed down full-on masquerading as progressive seems to be all you can find. Not only are artists like Vertical Mode carrying their inability to write interesting songs forward from their full-on projects, it's robbing us of proper classic prog trance at parties.

But despite having many of those hallmarks, this is a bit different. There's an authenticity to this. It's a lot like Lyktum's solo work, but has an identity of its own. They are modern dancefloor bombs but also speak to goa and also speak to Atmos and co.

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Padmapani    360

this sounds exactly like that slowed down full-on kind of progressive. but that's a good thing in my opinion. ;). the samples sound pretty nice. it's nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary (the comparison with pleiadians is way off), but just good prog. what comes to my mind are rather e-clip or ovnimoon.

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winterelegy    16

Man, I have been waiting forever for psyshop to sell the digital version of it, yet it doesn't ever seem to be coming. I GUESS i could get it on bandcamp...

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