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Veasna turns 5 years old!

In late 2013, I started the Veasna project with one thing in mind: make people jump around on trancefloors! Knowing the genre for a decade already, only that year I started visiting my first parties and the feeling totally captured me in plenty of ways.

I started to try and channel these feelings and that energy into music, which I have been making for a long time already but without any real "goal" behind it. The result was Veasna, and I met relatively quick success - only one year later, Neogoa Recordsreleased my probably most famous track Quantum Conundrum. In 2016, I found myself having produced enough music to fit my first full-length album, Energy. Now as it is with releases, not all tracks I had by then made it to that album.

As it so happens, this time of the year, Veasna turns five years old. So I feel it's time to get a few more of those tracks out into the world!

Making the EP a full-length CD album

The 5th Anniversary EP is a free digital release, so what's the deal with this campaign?

It just so happens that the goa scene still has some CD collectors, myself included! So the main idea behind this is to get the release on CD. However, five tracks would be pretty few for a CD, right? So why not make it a full-length album, additionally containing all previously released digital-only Veasna tracks with some new production? Now we're talking! But because that still wouldn't fill a CD, we add the missing piece that's an unreleased downtempo track, keeping the spirit of previous Veasna albums, closing it on a slower pace.

If you would like to support, please consider supporting my campaign:


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Being one of those oldschoolers always complaining about the differences between Goa and NeoGoa Veasna continues to surprise me. He is one of the very few artists that managed to capture the feeling of Goa so well. Pledged. Everyone else should to.

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