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Akshan - World of Duality


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Artist: Akshan
Title: World of Duality
Label: Altar Records
Date: March, 2018

1. Welcome As You Are
2. La Conscience De L'espace
3. World of Trouble
4. Time For Change
5. The Other Side
6. Underworld
7. Rebirth
8. Time Is Unity

Akshan is a French artist inspired by the likes of Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre and it shows in his compositions.  His first two albums The Tree of Life and The Rise of Atlantis were exercises in vast, cinematic soundscapes.  One might say a virtual reality that enveloped the listener.  While the first two tracks are slightly minimal sounding lacking that soundtrack experience the third track World of Trouble gets him back to his sweet spot.  The melodies and effects he uses are highly emotional akin to the type you would find on a Hollywood blockbuster.  The intro to Time For Change is simply marvelous and the track continues the slow burn of somewhat tribal mysticism.  True, some of the tracks perhaps ramble for a little too long, but he shows skill and attention to detail with numerous layers to keep the ear involved.  His breaks are very powerful and serve as a strong bridge between parts of the tracks. 

While not as "epic" as his previous work, I enjoyed the album and think any progressive trance listener would also.

Altar Bandcamp


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Thanks for the review, T2MU.
I purchased The Tree Of Life a while ago. One of the better progressive albums at the time. I kinda forgot to follow Akshans work, but this review made me check out this last album. I played it twice now in full and am astonished by the quality he produces here. The breaks are immense. Long pads with ethereal voices. So smooth. And the more trancier tracks in the second half are so hypnotic it's amazing. He has the skill to make the tracks sound organic. Every track has a well thought-out idea.

This one is going on my shelf as well. Akshans best work for me. :+1:

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