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Recursion Loop - Soul of the Machine EP (Gert Sound Records)

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psytones    69

If you take classic and more or less normal uplifting trance themes, and give it a twist of psychedelic attribute  .. You could easily get this kind of safe trance dance style. It's lovely when it's good, and has interesting quality parts and detail in it that makes it worth the aural time as long as you can stomach it (some people have serious cheese allergies and should best avoid). It's not exactly Full-on, or Prog., and not Goa per say. I think the whole blatant Trance influence in this EP must be pretty perfect for "normal" trance lovers to be safely guided and pleasantly surprised into the realm of the complexity and variation of psychedelic trance music 

Listen to the Recursion Loop - Soul of the Machine (Gert Sound Records - GSR073) EP for free:

1. Soul of the Machine - starts with some star orchestra like bubble synths from a ,,70-s" blade runner show with simple but awesomely felt laser sonic flaring up the soft clear air that with glitter introduces the beats, which gather up the main floating melodic score into newer digital times with an immediate certain sense and love for uplifting trance and progressive dance music. Smart moves are present and heartfelt throughout, and a shifting somewhat interesting ride is guided by the euphoric, one might say innocent and genuine trance passion. The track has altitude to be gliding and surely to represent pleasantly robotized trance-dance-music. The track behavior feels sort of organic in it's motion, and soft in it's blips and has sometimes good hints of intensiveness in the main synthesizer waves. Steel-wire sounds flex metallic, and reflect quit cool attitude with a metal guitar that rises the track up to tribal drums where it with synths plateaus itself for a short while, only to rise further and vaguely higher before hitting the unexpected break that leads the track back to its reminded emotional start. Pushing it a bit more softly intense this time around before it ends. Beautiful melodic work and it has nice love and respect towards psychedelic goa-trance. 

2. Morning Wake Up Vs. MTR - is hard to do, A thumping "what to do now" section comes in after the morning glory from where it flows so nice you can listen to it's arrangements twice without feeling bored or fooled. It is what it is. Nice, safe. soft and kinda stellar, kinda complex and mostly innocent, and for sure boarder-line cheesy while being soulfully honest about it, but not overly exciting. Great play of the synths, and melodic uplifting progression is what this music is much about which seems like a homage to old love and emotion. Clever moves continues in the dance-trance, making an attentive dance-floor smile in sturdy and comforting light-speed. Listening to trance music, knowing its psychedelically inspired. Not to be confused with Blue Planet Corporation who does the same same but different - taking normal trance in this case uplifting, and giving it a respectful (in this case imo mild) pinch of psychedelia. And for the love of Goa, don't miss the shooting star in this track - - wait for it.. its very nice actually, though without a doubt it develops on the cheesier side of the scale. So the track is nostalgic and mesmerizing. Almost tear inducing at times when it peaks showing a daring beauty to dive itself in the fluffy cheddar..

3. Andromeda Nebula - continues the lovely and stylish, having a faster beat that feels a bit more edgy in its run. Mild psychedelia, euphoria.. and safe travels all the way, depending on state of taste of course - not really being offending in any direction as its very nicely balanced and restrain from becoming too cheesy (well), or too weird (true). Unless you choose to take offence of it's style. then its your problem, not the music's. It's like normal trance, but its not. But it is - but it's not.. 

Overall: The first track is the nicest one, and the second one is the least thrilling, and the third goes a bit more fast and daring then the rest but do crash into the cheese holes for sure. All of the tracks are very nice and gives smile and does include a clear psychedelic reference while providing the ability to air your arms and heart for atmospheric breathing space. This is the type of innocent and stylish psytrance that I can only respect but don't turn on much myself as I'm not from the Trance or rave scene before I found Psy, so for me personally it falls a bit off while being genuine to its creator so I respect that a lot.. The wrapping of this "Soul of the Machine" seems to me to be very classic and familiar with the synth waves and melodies inside. The EP has impressive enough and for sure fitting uplifting moments with an authentic notion not afraid of the musical trance slide. As far as I can gather this is the artists second EP release, and I have not heard his first. The music on this one is by other comparisons mainly non-threatening, maybe a tad boring and quit pleasantly entrancing on a smiling dance-floor not so hard-core. "Normal" trance lovers who happen to check out a pinch of lucid on a perfect day in the sun, or at night lit by the romantic moonlight should have a great time with this as it's joyous,  and sweet with them important details that elevates it to good seriousness. 

Buy it in greater quality here: https://www.beatport.com/release/soul-of-the-machine/2167570
And here: https://itunes.apple.com/kg/artist/recursion-loop/928414417
and also here: https://www.beatport.com/release/soul-of-the-machine/2167570
and yes here: https://www.junodownload.com/products/recursion-loop-soul-of-the-machine/3618397-02/
....And check out his SC here: https://soundcloud.com/recursion-loop 
Also you can listen to it on Spotify.. https://open.spotify.com/album/2e3DzUo0VIoLdET58dSXU6?si=_dVoJWTYTaSmif3SdwWFEg

PS. I like the labels cover-art collection. If I was more into this kind of trance, I would go mad and get them all.



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Penzoline    329

Really good. Smooth and uplifting.

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