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Merrow - Hybridization


How did big Merrow do?  

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  1. 1. Did he..

    • Smash it and prove himself a master of big blasting Goa trance
    • Create an album of ALMOST epic proportions
    • Make an album of half decent bangers
    • Miss the mark by a poofteenth
    • Waste everyones time with fillers and nillers

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Artist: Merrow
Title: Hybridization
Label: Self Release
Release Date: January 28, 2018



1. Hybridization (Lemon head mix)
2. Squid in your plate
3. Buddha's awakening
4. Floating city (Morpheus mix)
5. Xenomorph Prime
6. Cosmic Comics
7. Space Jockey (Speed light mix)

A collection of new and old tracks made new again coming at cha. I of course haven't heard any of these before so to Tsotsi they are all new.

We are assured plenty of acid and big leads, on that front Merrow delivers big time.

The Lemon Head mix of Hybridization doesn't waste any time giving us what is promised, with a thumping kick and wild electro leads being held back until just the right moment before they are released into an explosive climax. one of my favourites on the album and a great way to start.

Squid on your Plate comes in hot with more acidic bubbles than the Black Triangle. The main melody soon takes centre stage and throws us into a fit of arm flailing madness as Merrow works his tools. Almost and anthem Squid on your plate does the job and ticks the 'melody stuck in my head' box. Yes We Can

Buddhas Awakening is just what you need to stir the great Gautama out of his meditations. Although it would stir the Siddhartha right into another plane of ecstasy. The song explodes at 3 minutes, I love those Astral Projection Enlightened Evolution sounding Vvraaarps. (Of course AP don't own that sound I just don't know what else to describe them as). Another stormer of a track.

Morpheus does some work on Floating City not wasting any time with silly intro's. It feels like the track might progress a bit slower than the other but that would be a mistake to assume. the leads build and build into a new melody comes and takes over while the old leads slash away in the back. Pretty epic and a little less conventional (in a good way) than some stuff out there. The song twists and turns right to the end and with every bit being enjoyable. Goa baby.

Xenomorph Prime is a mix of Bobo the ape pushing the space buttons to make noises and more of the hectic leads we've had so far. it works well and slays along until it turns itself into one of the most memorable tracks on the album.



We get to bounce along to Cosmic Comics (Great song name) nice and early. I'm getting use to knowing what to expect and sure enough another anthem surrounds us. A little less variety than the other songs so far but still plenty to make me smile.

Space Jockey comes in with an epic intro to take us home at the speed of light. The kick is not really to my taste but these things generally fall back into the track as leads come in. it take a little longer than normal but finally the tracks other elements come in to keep me engaged. It's probably not the fastest track on the album but it sure feels like it. Everything comes in at such a flurry of epicness that I can't catch a glimpse of what is going on. Entrancing me through the pure speed of the track.


Merrow delivers us a hot album of tracks with exactly what he promises. Each track is baked to perfection, crisp on the palette and refreshingly zesty. You could say that the tracks are similar to one another, but you could also say that post modernism has created a world devoid of truth and meaning. You'd be better off saying that American college students can't spot a hammer from a ratchet and simply don't know which tool of philosophy to use for the job at hand.
Any whom, Merrow comes in remind us all exactly how epic the anthems of this genre are. The songs don't go for to long and never make your ears tired, instead I find myself always wanting more which the next song always expertly delivers.





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Did Tsotsi just refer to himself in the third person?  A few questions...

On 4/2/2018 at 12:29 AM, tsotsi said:

with more acidic bubbles than the Black Triangle

Is that a vagina joke?

On 4/2/2018 at 12:29 AM, tsotsi said:

Yes We Can

Nice.  I miss having an adult that is capable of complete sentences.

Last I heard Merr0w (Brice Fruyt) was going to release his album on a label.  Guess he figured to skip the middleman and just do it himself.  Last I had heard of this guy was almost a decade ago with his superb album Born Underwater.  But lest you think he is fresh out of ideas, his bandcamp shows some activity with 11 tracks that could constitute yet another album of goa trance if you were of the mind to purchase them all. 

I am certainly of that mind.

Merr0w has a style that is certainly at times chaotic and frenetic (not a bad thing), but he also packs a healthy dose of acid.  Clearly he knows his way around a 303 and a lot of his melodic phrases are relentless.  As Tsotsi said his acid outbursts are deliciously high energy.  The tracks range from pretty good (Floating City) to absolutely searing (Buddha's Awakening).  Definitely a wild ride and one I am glad to have purchased.


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10 hours ago, Void Mantra said:

Regardless of the music, which I haven't listened yet, the cover art is a real turn off as far as I'm concerned. 

Cover was hard to get past I agree,

11 hours ago, Trance2MoveU said:

Is that a vagina joke?

A chance at some geographical learning. You search 'black triangle acid' ill search 'black triangle vagina'.... 

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