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Astral Waves - Magnetique


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Artist: Astral Waves
Title: Magnetique
Label: Altar Records
Date: March 2015

1. Emergence (Album Edit)
2. Le Rêve Eveillé
3. Les Liens Du Sang (Feat. Aureohm)
4. Déploie Tes Ailes
5. La Danse Des Elfes
6. Suntrap (Morning Mix)
7. Androcell - Efflorescence (Astral Waves Remix)
8. L'Oiseau De l'Aube (Feat. Alwoods)


Bored me you have.

This is the third album of DJ Zen's Astral Waves project and while I thoroughly enjoyed Magique, I cannot say the same for this one.  The majority of the tracks are on the long side and tend to be overly so.  This is treadmill running.  Yeah I'm running so that's great and my heart is happy, but I'm not going anywhere so now my mind is pissed off.  The first three tracks were positive, but then this effort just fell off the cliff.  The last album was mostly downtempo with varied themes, but this album is uptempo without any depth or challenges.  It is competent, but it is far from memorable and full of what we have heard ad nauseum. 

Altar Bandcamp


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