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Material Music - Love & Magic album by KER (Help it get MASTERED)

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psytones    81

Hey people, this is a Bandcamp fundraiser to master the oldiesoundi debut album by Material Music

Material Music - Love & Magic https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/releases

1. Love & Magic
2. Thunderbrothers - Hausmania Music Factor
3. Ingenuity Box
4. E Science
5. Jailhouse Suck
6. Space Out, and In
7. Return to Earth 

Kali Earth Records (CDr for now) is the label who is releasing this beauty of a equipment based album. The album contains oldiesoundi tracks all in the spirit of Goa trance, Trance, Techno'id, House, Funk, Jam, Ambient, a gram of Hip Hop .. and Downbeat and Yeah, Psy-Trance. A well mixed batch of varied track selection. I'm positive you'll dig 'em Full of charm, but not so contemporary or present if you will.. KER's next releases will however escalate towards the modern present. No worries

Why the need for a shout out here in the fundraiser section? The label "needs" financial suppprt because complimentary mastering costs money! And your help will be Much appreciated and will come to very good ♫ use ❤

If you need to listen to the tracks before you donate/buy, give me a call/message and I'll provide what you wish ~) 

Kind regards & much room Love,



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