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"V/A - BGF Chronicles"

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Artist: Various
Title: BGF Chronicles
Label: Neogoa Records
Date: July, 2017

Part One:
01 - Aerosis - Whole New Beginning
02 - Ephedra - Fanatic's Tribute
03 - Triquetra - Headphone Zombie
04 - Siam - Bizarre Sunrise
05 - E-Mantra - Valley Of The Kings (Fiery Dawn Remix)
06 - Kurandini - Celestial Death Of Yama
07 - Griffin - Dark Frequencies (BGF Version)
08 - Mania - Cosmic Flux
09 - Omnivox - Beyond Dreams

Part Two:
10 - E-Mantra - Distant Signals (Early Version)
11 - Journey Into Sound - 42
12 - Zopmanika - Subconscious Whispers
13 - Sky Technology - It Is Alive
14 - Mindfield vs. Lunar Asylum - Exposed
15 - Omneon - Transform Last
16 - Veasna - Silent Spring
17 - Syb Unity Nettwerk Experience -  MorphoGenesis (Live Studio)
18 - Third Eye Channel - Once Upon


Heard the party was epic!

Our favorite (well my favorite, I can't speak for all you guys) goa trance netlabel is at it again with a large digital compilation mastered by sonic impresario Deimos and cool as f*ck artwork by label head Ivan himself.  Most people don't know this but BGF stands for Big Girls For Ivan because I've heard he likes a little meat on the bone. 

Fine that's not what it means.  It stands for Balkan Goa Fanatics which is a bunch of far East Europeans who seem to really like this goa music.  This release nicely coincides with the label's 7th birthday so hopefully Ivan got a nice plump stripper for the celebrations. 

So inside is a who's who of European goa artists beginning with blast from the past Aerosis, laying down a warm, progressive style that feels comfortable like the ass groove in the couch that takes years to construct.  Flavor of the month Triquetra deliver a track that grew on me especially when the second half became a twirlers paradise.  Like most of you  I like my goa with a heaping helping of forest and Dark Frequencies has more in common with North Sweden than India.  Disappointed in the Omnivox track though.  Has to be one of his weakest ever.  A few others...

Subconscious Whispers...wow!

Transform Last...double wow!

Exposed...not so wow. :(  Stevo you know that doesn't belong here.

Morphogenesis was a classic from 20 years ago, but I don't know if this is updated or he recorded what he played live.  Don't really care, but I'll say it is deliciously old school. 

Overall a great release from these crazy Balkans.  Quality always comes before quantity so when you come across a label that delivers both it's really rare.

Neogoa Bandcamp

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Thanks for the review Mike, I'm really glad someone decided to spend few minutes and post something about this V/A, since it went under the radar here on Psynews for some reason.

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