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"V/A - Gate To The Past"


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Artist: Various

Title: Gate To The Past

Label: Zion 604 Records

Date: May, 2017


1. Radical Distortion - Year 2488

2. Declaration of Unity - Ohm Sun

3. Sandman & Radical Distortion - Tweakers

4. Shunak Idou - Journey

5. Radical Distortion - Voltage Source (Radical Frequencies Remix)

6. Cactus Arising - Solar Echoes

7. Radical Distortion - The Wizard

8. Cactus Arising & Radical Distortion - Ammos

9. Cydelix - Induction


On the heels of the decent yet underwhelming Virtual Jungle re-issue comes a compilation of tracks put together by goa powerhouse Radical Distortion.  Hell this could very well be a new release from that duo as their fingerprints are all over this.  The release itself is very Greek centric with regards to tracks, mastering, and artwork.  And ain't nothing wrong with that.  The music is mostly goa trance done well (The Wizard is a powerful track which was released last year, the bouncy Induction, Journey, Voltage Source Remix, and Year 2488), sometimes goa that's a little too fluffy for my tastes (Ammos, Solar Echoes), and then a blurring of the line between goa/psytrance on Ohm Sun.


So it's pretty good with outstanding sound quality, but I can't help but feel that the label is in a bit of a rut by releasing comfortable albums.  And by that I mean albums that are good, but haven't reached that level which they have in the past.  Weird to say that after I just told you that the compilation was pretty good, but I feel it's been since 2015's Robotized that the label has hit a home run.  Still, a compilation worth having.



Zion604 Bandcamp

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An outstanding compilation in this time of very 'generic' goa-output. Why doesn't this get more reaction? Actually I anticipated some pretty negative feedback due to some tracks straying dangerously close to full-on/minimal sound scapes, but even that didn't materialize. Strange.

To me, one of the more daring ventures this year. Declaration of Unity provide a very hypnotic track and radical distortion has some belters on here, including the sandman collab which is a very rare pleasure in today's goa repertoire.


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