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E-Clip - Biointegrated Design


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Artist: E-Clip

Title: Biointegrated Design

Label: Iono Music

Date: April, 2017


1. E-clip & Zen Mechanics - Sundowning

2. E-Clip & Mickey Noise - The One

3. Chemical Bond

4. E-clip & Subliminal Codes - Apex

5. E-clip & Avalon - Isotonic Tuning

6. Radio Entelechy

7. Semifluid Substances

8. Occult Lore

9. Welkin



And the award for the most disappointing follow up album goes to...E-clip!




"First and foremost I'd like to thank God for without whom nothing is possible.  I'd like to thank my family.  Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all the expensive software that I used to pump out generic progressive trance tracks.  They said we couldn't do it, but I believed!  I'd like to thank the label Iono for getting fooled and believing in me after my successful debut album.  I realize this is a step backwards with tracks that sound like all other progressive music, but sometimes you have to put in minimal effort and throw creativity out the window if you want to make a mediocre album."


I'm exaggerating of course, but really this is not a positive step for this artist.  The tracks themselves are decent, but they sound like everyone else.  When you set the bar high with a superb debut and compilation tracks, not reaching it has to be disappointment.  The lush details and atmosphere of his debut Shuma are noticeably absent as he seemed to move in a more minimal direction.  Melodies are not as apparent in a series of tracks that fail to capture the imagination.  I would blame it on excessive collaborations, but one, that's never stopped him before, and two, even if that was so most of the tracks are just his. Let me be clear it's not a bad album, but he has shown that he has produced much better stuff than this.


Iono Bandcamp Digital





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it's not a bad album

IMO it is. The collabs with Mickey Noise and Zen Mechanics sort of save it - at least they make the album not a totally worthless experience, but they are of "good but not great" kind and the rest of the album is just a bunch of beats and sounds put together without any idea or inspiration. Maybe it's good for the dancefloor but does nothing for home listening.


Shuma raised the bar very high but after Shuma the best tracks made by E-Clip were collabs. TBH, it seems that he had a blast when making Shuma but after that the inspiration was gone and now the dude has the gear and the skills but needs someone else to bring life and soul into the tracks.   

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