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"V/A - Arborum Susurri"


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Aritst: Various

Title: Arborum Susurri

Label: Banyan Records

Date: 2017


1. Space Alien - Magic Moments

2. Senang - Free Your Soul

3. Noize Bug - Askeladden's Ferd

4. Etlainen - Rite of Passage

5. Ra Root - Dizzy Walk

6. Mandari - Cognitive Toilet Flush

7. Chudl & Vermo - Dark Side of Us

8. Raschka - Never

9. Praheya - Electro Angelic Wave Pulse

10. The Third Eye of Monkey - Menani



"Isn't anybody here?  Should we go inside?"





Actual gif of me trying to escape whatever the hell is in this forest nightmare.


I have never heard of this label nor any of the artists which are found on the track listing.  The title I believe means "Forest Whispers" and this lush release lives up to that title.  Everything about this release is dark from the trippy cover art to the music within.  Bubbling sounds, eerie noises from every corner, and hallucination inducing atmosphere.  Layer upon layer of delicious supernatural terror with psychedelic trees in motion all the while reaching for you with skeletal fingers.  The music in each track refuses to remain stationary, constantly evolving with ever darker soundscapes.  Each layer washing over you like a fresh nightmare.  On the surface melodies would appear absent, but closer inspection will find them lurking underneath rumbling bass and kick.


There are nine tracks, but if you buy the CD you get an extra one from the label.  This is a very deep release which I enjoy discovering and separating each component.  This is one of the best forest releases I have ever heard.







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Good find! When it comes to forest I usually only enjoyed releases from lituanian Forest Freaks label, but this is definitely on par!

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