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California Sunshine ‎– Infinity [California Sunshine Records, 2012]

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California Sunshine ‎– Infinity

Genre: Psytrance / Melodic Full-On

California Sunshine Records





1-The sound 9:31

2-Back in time 10:07

3-Come into my life 9:05

4-Don't ask me why 8:35

5-We like fluffy music 8:19

6-Follow me 8:16

7-Infinity 8:42

8-Down to the dead sea 7:52

9-Buffalo Bill 7:28


Har-el Prussky and DJ Miko, originally a goa-trance project, took the path of full-on at the start of the 21th century, like many other Israeli artists did as well.

While melodic full-on is rarely my cup of tea, this album caught my attention. Obviously quite formulaic but more interesting melody-wise than most full-on. The style is more morning (less aggressive) than Rebirth released two years earlier.

Track name "We like fluffy music" sums up this album very well.

The production is superb, with an ending track, "Buffalo Bill", being the perfect combination between California Sunshine's emotional old school output and more recent productions.


7/10. Recommended.

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