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"V/A - Psionic Riot"


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Artist: Various

Title: Psionic Riot

Label: Digital Psionics

Date: 2009


1. Electrypnose - Find the Button and Press It

2. Rubix Qube - Event Horizon

3. Xatrik & Slug - Check Positive

4. Hux Flux - Bring Your Own Bios (Kluster Remix)

5. Biorhythm - Grab & Rip

6. Xatrik - Wouter

7. Panayota - Space Station

8. Vanghoul & Sonic - Insulin

9. Dark Nebula - Zone Stalker

10. Multistate - Crunchy





So close.  This was almost a really good compilation.  Aussie label Digital Psionics flagship series has been churning since 1999 with mostly above average results.  Compiled and mastered by Xatrik this had all the pieces to be something special yet failed to deliver the goods.  Find the Button and Press It was a great opener from the wizard of weird Electrypnose and Event Horizon is eerie and constantly changing, but the rest of the tracks didn't achieve their full potential.  Each track seemed to take their foot off the accelerator and never reached that level of thumping madness.  The Panayota track had several abysmal buildups (so painful) and also tried to cram every Family Guy sample into it's otherwise decent track.


Sigh, I believe they left some ideas on the table.  Good, but not great. 





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