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V/A - Aarhus by Night [Parvati Records]


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Forgot the quote marks on the title, sorry  :blush:





Title: Aarhus by Night

Label: Parvati Records

Release date: 22.03.2017





1) Onkel Dunkel – Aarhus by Night 143 bpm

2) Mussy Moody – Whats Your Frequency 147 bpm

3) Jahbo – Blæst 149 bpm

4) Red Eye Jah – Donut 151 bpm

5) Red Eye Jedi – Undercurrent 158 bpm

6) Syntax Error & Mubali – Analog Assumptions 150 bpm

7) Abrahadabra – Funky Mule 144 bpm

8) Audhumbla – NøglenTilØglen 146 bpm

9) Derango – Interstellar Lagoon 142 bpm


First time I write a review! I've been listening to this sporadically since the release, so figured I'd try to write one. I was super excited for this release (I mean look at that list of artists!!!) and my expectations was quite high. This compilation is a tribute to the psy-scene in Århus, Denmark, all artist except Derango is danish as far as I've understood.  


1) Onkel Dunkel - Aarhus by Night: Really happy to hear new Onkel Dunkel material, especially since there seems to be an album coming up! Love the intro, sounds like there's still some confused danes running around in the dark woods:D Really nice and fat kick+bassline followed by atmospheres and sounds that feels like classic Onkel Dunkel, funky... The track starts off great but doesn't evolve that much, it's a solid track but kind of reaches it peak quickly. Still very dancy  :) 


2) Mussy Moody - What's your frequency: Starts of with classic squelches and squeaks, the bass is rumbling and dark, works great with the hard kick. The track progresses with more squelchy leads, the energy is awesome three minutes in. Pretty good track overall! 


3) Jahbo - Blæst: Jahbo! This one starts of in a higher tempo and doesn't need much time to get me dancing in my chair :D  Strong beat loaded with lots of nice fx and a pinch of melody, the lead that comes in around 01:50 is really really good!! This is what I'm talking about! The track strips down and rebuilds into a weird atmospheric jam and keeps progressing into swirls of sounds and playful synthesizers! Awesome   :o 


3) Red Eye Jah - Donut: Sweet... Organic squelches, quirky sounds and rich effects. A pretty "dark" track filled with great rhythms!! Takes a odd turn after a few minutes with atonal bleeps and robotic sounds. Second half builds into something pretty heavy!


4) Red Eye Jah - Undercurrent: Oh my oh my.... Been having a pretty hard time with this every listen. It's interesting, but pretty special. Probably closer to 160 than 150 bpm, the fastest on this compilation. It's an intense track with industrial vibes, in some way a bit to quick for me. I don't always have a problem with 160+ psy, but this one just feels a bit pushing. Still, it's a crazy ride. :D  Sharp sounds and intense layering. Impressive track overall! Sounds like a mutated washing machine on steroids on a murder spree with lasers. ....In a good way! 


5) Syntax Error & Mubali - Syntax Error: We're back in 150-bpm-area now! The first minutes consists of haunting atmospheric sounds and chirpy leads, getting pretty interesting. Electric noises and a sweet bass line grows into a great stomping party. Fm-synths and echoes everywhere, increasing and decreasing in power up and down and everything finishes in a flurry of funky bass and tons of layers. Great track, just gets better and better by every minute.


6) Abrahadabra - Funky Mule: Starting with some percussions, stereo-trippyness and bubbles. After the first minute being pretty calm things get fun. Bass is really jumpy and high here, percussive effects whirling and nice leads. There's some interesting toying around with beats and rhythms and some modular sounding noises here and there, funky track but doesn't stand out as much as some of the previous. 


7) Audhumbla - Nøglentiløglen: Oh yeah! This is one of the tracks that immediately became my favorite. The first half has a great kick+bass and some interesting sounds and samples, the track is telling a creepy story... :blink:  After a few minutes mostly made up of frogs and utter weirdness, there is a break and the beat switches to triplets. And what the fuck?? This part is the most weird sounding thing I've heard (kindof), it sounds like a tortured sheep chased by a big monster around a frog farm. Really crazy. Next up is a killer bass line and some playing around with effects. Very unique, lovely! 


8) Derango - Interstellar Lagoon: DERANGO. When I saw that this VA was gonna have a new Derango track i went nuts, so here it goes. This one begins bouncy and mystical, perfect work with every little sound. It feels clearer and more easy-listened-to than many of their early tracks, just like Saturnuts which also is a bit newer. Very nice fm-ish-leads and the melody work is - as often in Derangos music - excellent. This track builds up into a wonderful thing but it's still not as chaotic and wild as some of my favorite tracks. The vibe is awesome and the name fits pretty well. It's a good track but not the best I've heard from them. 


Great compilation, I'm suprised by how weird some of the parts got  :D There's tons of creativity put into these tracks. Hoping to hear more from Audhumbla!! Really interesting stuff, seems like there's someone from Abrahadabra involved.... Favorite tracks was 3, 5, 7!

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I Have (had?) a love/hate relationship with Parvati records.

Early danish psy was super crazy, early unreleased stuff from Grapes of Wrath/Metaloids, Jahbo

and all the other gang were some intense hyper active psychedelia.

And boy was i pumped when GOW announced an album was in the pipeline, pressing play

on tits on fire was like the saddest thing ever.


It all sounded so dead and soul-less, mastering wise ofc, i was pissed off.

Even till this day when i play the album i feel sad for what could that album be if the sound

was true to the GOW theme of the early days.

Fure releases gave me that same feeling of "everything under the parvati lable sounds the same", but same

artist on other releases were killing it.


I Stopped buying Parvati releases and lost any connection with what they released untill a few years ago, while listening 

to some compilations they released, happy i gave the lable another shot, i no longer hear that "Tits on Fire" sound.


"XV" is one of my favorite compilations they released a two years ago (super recommended!)


When parvati announced "Aarhus by Night" celebrating years of danish psy, i must say i was hyped for this one, oh yes i was !!


This compilation is a night time fucking treat from start to finish.


Red Eye Jedey/Jah tracks are out of this world.


We even have a special surprise from half of GOW, Jaffa Syntax Error, with a brand new track, only 7 years since his last track released, teaming up with another 

interesting cat, Mubali, providing a funky hypnotic track, good stuff.


Abrahadabra/Audhumbla tracks are 'experimentalish', less headbanging, organic and very hypnotic.

will Defanently put my third eye on those guys (and gal) upcoming music. 


Closing this compilation are the Derango archmasters, two swedes on a danish compilation, providing

us with an unreleased track from back in the day, i was expecting some 'Tumult' hyper diving sounds, but

what we get here is a slowed down, gothic and developing fairytale, with a freaking melody (ka sol style).

An intresting and odd track.

Derango never released a bad track. ever.


Ace ace stuff right there.


If you'r into night time music, get this. 

It's super worth every second of your time.



Side note : I hate the cover art, i hate the text(hell, i loved the Cryptic Crunch cover)

But this sould have been way more sexier imo, but the music is top notch.

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