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Space Buddha Vs. Toasted - Reality Check


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Artist: Space Buddha & Toasted

Title: Reality Check

Label: Agitato Records

Date: August, 2014


1. Connection To Psy

2. Nirvana (2014 Remix)

3. Reality Check

4. Drifter

5. Modo

6. DMT to Goa

7. Goa Sunrise

8. Last Chance

9. Straight Ahead




It seems like some people never want to grow up and mature.  I get it, you gotta get a job, gotta pay bills...Hell you can't even nuzzle in the soft, comforting confines of a woman's breasts that you just met.  Cute as a toddler, but that's assault now.  You'll face some hard time.  Space Buddha has been around for a long time.  He should really know better.  This generic full-on pablum would've sounded dated a decade ago.  Same tired, racing bass lines and cornball melodies.  It's kiddie-glowstick music.  Zero depth.  Zero soul.  The only positive here is that it's strictly a digital only release so other than the airwaves it didn't physically pollute the environment.  Not that you needed it, but here's a reality check.


This is some outright sh*tty music.



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