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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: Space Buddha & Toasted Title: Reality Check Label: Agitato Records Date: August, 2014 1. Connection To Psy 2. Nirvana (2014 Remix) 3. Reality Check 4. Drifter 5. Modo 6. DMT to Goa 7. Goa Sunrise 8. Last Chance 9. Straight Ahead It seems like some people never want to grow up and mature. I get it, you gotta get a job, gotta pay bills...Hell you can't even nuzzle in the soft, comforting confines of a woman's breasts that you just met. Cute as a toddler, but that's assault now. You'll face some hard time. Space Buddha has been around for a long time. He should really know better. This generic full-on pablum would've sounded dated a decade ago. Same tired, racing bass lines and cornball melodies. It's kiddie-glowstick music. Zero depth. Zero soul. The only positive here is that it's strictly a digital only release so other than the airwaves it didn't physically pollute the environment. Not that you needed it, but here's a reality check. This is some outright sh*tty music.
  2. Artist: Intergalactic Title: Area 51 Label: Agitato Records Date: May, 2011 1. Butterfly Effect 2. Area 51 3. Invisible Skyline 4. Red Alert 5. Speaker Dust 6. No Sin in the Scene 7. Set Your Mind 8. Landing Ground 9. Epic Saga (feat. Counter Point) In a continuing saga of an artist whose best days seem to be behind him, Vik Shefi has been the mind behind a variety of full-on-a-palooza projects from Cyber Cartel to groups like Vik On Injection, Viktan, Opium of the Masses, and Space Buddha. Don't really understand why the same two people formed two different projects in exactly the same style, but whatever...it all adds up to fast bass lines and supermodel thin depth. Last time he came out with an album for this project was waaay back in 05. So obviously he's been cooking up some good stuff, ready to waylay the psytrance community with clever breaks and nuclear acidic power. Right? I mean what are the odds that this album sounds like it's 2005? Whatever. This is like a sugar free cookie. So bland and tasteless. Might as well be elevator music. On it's face it isn't terrible, but just as I had feared his music hasn't evolved and is stuck in the past. This is stuff he did on his last album. Which is a shame because I really liked his 2008 Cyber Cartel release Who Needs To Sleep Anyway. Thought he was moving in the right direction. First clue I suppose should've been that this was released on Agitato, a label so immersed in the generic production of full-on that their ringtone is a full-on bassline. 2nd clue should've been the pic of Alien Project on the cover. I don't wanna slight the guy because he's obviously doing something right for someone being in the game as long as he has. But if deep, evolving psytrance is a 16 oz Porterhouse this is a two day old White Castle burger. Beatport Mdk
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