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Cheers psynews.


It has finally come the time for me to gather all my music and try to promote a bit my humble adventure in the realm of DJing.

I have started in 1997, and back then i really just experimented a bit but soon it was very clear for me that i really wanted to do it, for fun, as a hobby and even sometimes as a paid job.

I did get some gigs around in milan, from where i am, but at the beginning it was spinning commercial music, to learn, make some money and have some fun, because with goa, there was no chance.


A few years ago, due to a lame backup software, i accidentally erased the archive of all my mixes, i had around 60 recorded and ideas for another 40, but alas, after a long search i managed to recover 36 of them and some printed pages with track selections, ideas etc.

Some were burned on cd, so i could rip them back but with no further delays and for a bit of self promotion i will just leave here my mixcloud link where slowly i will try to post all the best ones, from the recovered.



For some i have lost tracklists so it is a mystery for me too as i don't remember all the music i have played in such a long time...




Have fun and good listening.

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